EastEnders Cindy crushes Anna & Gina, Corrie Stephen caught and 23 soap spoilers

EastEnders Cindy crushes Anna & Gina, Corrie Stephen caught and 23 soap spoilers

August 26, 2023

Prepare yourselves for all the drama as we take you through EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks spoilers for Monday August 28 to Friday September 1.

The UK’s biggest soaps are lining up another action-packed and dramatic week and when we say it’s not one to be missed we really mean it, with some truly historic moments on the cards.

We are primarily referring to EastEnders in that respect, with Cindy Beale set to stage her long-awaited comeback, much to the shock of the Walford residents who believed her to be dead.

With huge secrets revealed, plus showdowns aplenty as old faces come face-to-face for the first time in years, the scenes in question are reminiscent of the good old days of the BBC One soap.

If you cannot wait until next week to witness it all unfold then don’t fret as there are plenty of spoilers on the way, teasing what to expect.

The excitement is real.

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Elsewhere in soapland, Emmerdale sees Caleb Miligan make a huge discovery as he crosses paths with sinister gangster Harry, while Coronation Street’s Carla Connor is starting to connect the dots where killer Stephen Reid is concerned.

Hollyoaks, meanwhile, sees Dilly Harcourt return, spelling trouble for Sienna Blake and Ethan Williams, and the mysterious phone thief is finally unmasked.

Metro.co.uk has all the spoilers you could possibly need for the week in question so grab a cuppa and pull up a pew as we’ve got a lot to get through!


1. Cindy meets with Peter, who receives a call from Ian, urging him to get his mum back to France. Cindy, however, has no intention of returning, as she heads to the Square in search of Kathy while trying to keep out sight to avoid those who may recognise her from decades ago. Cindy finally comes face-to-face with Kathy at No.45, and all hell breaks loose, with Ian determined to break things up as he takes Cindy outside.

2. Anna’s 21st birthday arrives, with George, Elaine and Linda determined to make it one to remember as they plan a Spanish fiesta at the pub. George, however, is overwhelmed, annoyed that Rose will miss yet another milestone in his daughter’s life, going outside to get some fresh air before the celebrations kick off. Little does he know, however, that he’s about to get the biggest shock of all as he spots Cindy – aka ‘Rose’ – outside.

3. George’s world crumbles as he realises that Cindy isn’t back for the girls, with her having had no idea that the Knights resided in Walford. Cindy wants to know about her daughters’ whereabouts but George lies, claiming they’re in Spain, taking his ex to the barrel store for a catch-up. Linda, however, stumbles upon the two former flames and rails at George’s selfishness, referencing all the hard work that Elaine has put into the party for Anna.

4. Realising her daughters are just inches away, Cindy make her way into the bar, coming face-to-face with Anna and Gina, not to mention the residents of Walford who all thought she was dead! The fallout of her return, in addition to Ian’s, sends shockwaves through the Square, with Cindy determined to explain everything to Anna and Gina.

5. Kathy is stunned to learn that Peter is back in Walford, with the two having a heart-to-heart about what happened between them last time he was in the Square. Can they make amends?

6. Sharon and Phil are shocked beyond belief to learn that Ian is back in Walford, with the latter insisting that he leave at once. Sharon, however, plucks up the courage to talk to her former friend.

7. Bobby is worried that Cindy and Anna will hate him over Lucy’s death, making it his mission to check that Anna is okay in the wake of recent revelations. Anna reckons it’s best that they stay friends, given the circumstances.

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Coronation Street

8. Sarah is taken aback when Tim warns her that Stephen is a liar who claimed he was coercively controlled by Gabrielle, who he tried to pass off as a business consultant for the factory. Sarah decides to give Gabrielle a call and, later in the week, she threatens to call the police, believing Stephen is pulling a fast one on their deal.

9. When Lou reveals that Rufus dabbled in LSD and reveals the symptoms, Carla starts to suspect that someone might have drugged her previously. She relays her fears to Roy, who isn’t convinced, notifying Peter of his concerns. Will they realise that Carla is on to something?

10. Jenny is starting to fall for Stephen and suggests that they book a holiday together. Tim, however, warns the landlady that Stephen is not to be trusted, revealing that Elaine has sold her flat and wants him out, leaving the killer furious as he moans to Jenny about being left homeless.

11. Ryan receives a message from Guy, who reminds him about the video, and he assures him that it’s work in progress. Daisy calls round with a ring light for him and later he posts a message for his O-Vidz followers, promising them a personalised video very soon.

12. When Ed reveals he’s put in a bid for a plot of land, Ronnie’s forced to explain there’s no money because he blew it all on Newton & Ridley shares which are now worthless, how will Ed react?

13. Paul complains to Shelly about Billy’s constant interference but Shelly reckons that he should be grateful for Billy’s support. After giving it some thought, Paul returns home and suggests to Billy that they go out for the day and enjoy themselves, spending the afternoon at the lake, adding that it’s time they booked their wedding.

14. Yasmeen tells Stu that Zeedan is planning to take her to Pakistan for her 70th birthday, though she isn’t keen on leaving him when he’s so stressed aboutDom and Eliza. Stu, however, is insistent that she go. Dom, meanwhile, calls at the solicitors and suggests to Stu and Dee-Dee that they drop the legal proceedings and come to an agreement, but Stu refuses, telling Dom that he’ll see him in court!


15. Charity does her best to stick to her plan of having nothing to do with Mackenzie, accepting Gail’s dare to proposition the next person who walks through the doors of the Woolpack. The person is question is none other than Liam, with the two subsequently organising a date. Liam is slightly intoxicated by Charity’s charm, but will Charity find the whole thing as enjoyable as she’d hoped?

16. Nate does everything in his power to put a stop to the dodgy dealings at the driving firm after Caleb offers him a promotion, much to the dismay of Corey. Things, however, become complicated when Nate finds Corey shifting illegal guns. He relays everything to Caleb but, upon going to retrieve the guns, they realise they’ve gone missing! Harry is less than pleased, with his heavies getting physical, much to Caleb’s horror.

17. Gabby returns home from her holiday, agreeing to keep her attempt to kiss Billy a secret, but she’s soon got other things on her mind when she finds out that Victoria has offered Suni a job at The Hide!

18. Charles is angry over Victor having fully wormed his way back into Claudette’s heart, confronting his dad in a physical showdown, which ends with Claudette giving him a slap! Manpreet, meanwhile, agrees to return the necklace to Jai, but it’s gone missing, leaving the GP certain that Victor had something to do with it. Claudette is appalled to find the necklace in Victor’s pocket, with the criminal making a hurried escape as Manpreet telephones the police. Charles is horrified to find out what happened and sets off to find his father.

19. Cathy returns to the village and opens up to Wendy about her continuing struggles. Wendy, meanwhile, tries to get her relationship with Bob back on track.

20. Amelia is disheartened on her birthday.


21. Felix takes part in another fight, much to Sharon’s dismay, while Mercedes finds out what her beau is up to after finding him unconscious. Despite Mercedes’ pleas, Felix refuses to stop fighting, with the mechanic subsequently threatening to reveal a 20-year-old secret if Sharon doesn’t leave well enough alone.

22. Ethan reckons that Sienna should scrap her plot with Rafe if they never get to be together. After giving it some thought, Sienna decides to do just that, but Rafe subsequently arrives back in the village, wanting to reunite with her! Ethan’s world crashes when he sees Sienna getting out of Rafe’s car and, when Dilly arrives back in the village, he spends some time with her – and the next day he is unable to remember what happened the night before!

23. Rafe tasks Tony with overseeing the final week of the Earl Of Dee Awards, but the teens refuse to participate until they get their phones back, believing Rafe took them. Tony goes out of his way to persuade them to take part, with Beau’s power of persuasion doing the trick, but the campsite is ultimately destroyed on the day of the finale!

24. Hunter is concerned about Freya’s crush, with John Paul urging him to put a stop to it. Freya tells Hunter that she’s in love with him, just like he was in love with Neeta, but Hunter is quick to tell her that their relationship is strictly that of a student and a teacher. Freya, however, refuses to accept such a thing.

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25. Lacey is updating Dee Valley Law’s website with pictures of its employees but when Maxine see’s hers, she demands that it’s taken down until she edits it.

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