EastEnders boss reveals Jay's future with someone else after Lola's death

EastEnders boss reveals Jay's future with someone else after Lola's death

May 27, 2023

Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) is set to lose the love of his life in heart breaking EastEnders scenes which will see Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) tragically die from a brain tumour.

The storyline, which began last November, has shown Lola undergo treatment to prolong her life after being told her tumour was incurable.

Several months on, it was revealed that the treatment had stopped working, leaving Lola with only six months to live.

Tragedy followed, when it was revealed that her palliative chemotherapy had failed to work, allowing the tumour to spread and shortening her lifespan to just weeks.

Her family were left utterly devastated by the news, and have been forced to come to terms with the idea of life without Lola.

‘They all pull together and are there for each other in the immediate future, but that won’t last forever,’ show boss Chris Clenshaw revealed.

For Jay specifically, Chris teased that there may be someone on the horizon that he will get close to.

‘Jay will find friendship with another key person,’ he teased, without elaborating any further.

Lola’s death is sure to impact the whole family, as Chris explained.

‘I don’t think any of them will be the same again.

‘Billy (Perry Fenwick), Jay, Lexi (Isabella Brown), Honey (Emma Barton), it’ll obviously have devastating consequences for the family.

‘Lola has been in this position where she’s become aware of what’s ahead, so she’s given some certain requests to the family. She’s asked Jay to make sure that he always talks to Lexi about her, she’s put things in place for the immediate future. But that may not last forever.

‘It’ll be a difficult process and obviously it’s a sad ending for Lola, she won’t be there for the rest of her family.’

With Jay set to move on following Lola’s death, we are left wondering how the family will react to that, and who this special someone may be…

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