Double kill confirmed for Stephen in Corrie as he strikes again – twice?

Double kill confirmed for Stephen in Corrie as he strikes again – twice?

April 12, 2023

It wouldn’t be Coronation Street right now without us wondering who Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) will kill next.

First there was Leo (Joe Frost), who lost his life after threatening to tell the Platt family all about Stephen’s money troubles.

Then there was Teddy (Grant Burgin), who was killed by Stephen after he worked out that the villain knew more about Leo’s death than he was letting on.

And now? Well the focus is on Rufus (Steven Meo), the dodgy businessman, and Michael (Ryan Russell), someone who’s absolutely getting too close to the truth about Stephen.

Coming up, Stephen is pleased that the Gazette are going to do a piece on the Nippersnapper deal and Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) reminds him that Michael deserves some credit.

During a meeting, as Michael heads off to make the tea, Rufus tells Stephen that after some consideration, he’s decided 25% of the profits isn’t enough and instead, he’d like 50%.

Despite Stephen’s attempt to keep Michael away from the meeting by sending him out to take more designs to Sarah (Tina O’Brien), Rufus later meets Michael and offers him a job in his London office.

As the week continues, Stephen and Suki – the journalist from the Gazette – conduct their interview about Nippersnapper and Michael gets annoyed about being overlooked.

Afterwards, Michael confronts Stephen and takes great pleasure in telling him that he can stick his job as he’s meeting Rufus later to talk about the offer in London.

But when Michael fails to meet up with Rufus, Ronnie advises him to go to his house to try and smooth things over.

Michael and Ronnie then turn up at Rufus’ and find it swarming with police.

When the housekeeper reveals that Rufus is dead and she found his body in the pool, Michael reels in shock.

With previous spoilers confirming that Stephen will drown his next victim, we can safely assume that he will more than likely be responsible for Rufus’ demise, but where does that leave Michael?

As he spends more time with Stephen, how long will it be until disaster strikes?

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