‘Don’t think it’s appropriate’ BBC’s Jon Kay jibes at Will Young over Carol Kirkwood ‘kiss

‘Don’t think it’s appropriate’ BBC’s Jon Kay jibes at Will Young over Carol Kirkwood ‘kiss

May 31, 2022

BBC Breakfast hosts joke about Will Young’s ‘inappropriate’ kiss

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BBC Breakfast presenters Jon Kay and Sally Nugent were joined by Pop Idol winner Will Young to celebrate his 20 year anniversary of winning the singing competition. Whilst in the studio, Will congratulated Carol on her new engagement, which she announced last week, with a virtual kiss. However, this left Jon feeling uneasy as he teased it was “inappropriate”.

As Carol wrapped up one of her weather reports, Sally told her: “Carol stay right there, we have got someone who has a message for you, it’s the one and only Will Young!”

“Carol!” he exclaimed as she gasped at the screen. “Carol, I’ve heard that you are engaged, so that means I can no longer, I mean, I am a gay man as well, so it was always appropriate.

“But that means I can no longer come up and kiss the screen,” he said.

Not wanting to let their bond die, Carol quipped: “Oh no, no, no, you can! You can, of course, you can!”

Excited that he could still give her a virtual peck, Will jumped up from his seat to kiss her on the cheek and said: “Happy engagement.”

As he returned to his spot on the sofa, Sally claimed: “Making thousands of men very jealous there!”

Jon looked back confused, as he joked: “I’m not sure about this, Will! I’m not sure that was appropriate – it was on the lips and everything!”

Carol clapped back: “Highly appropriate, hugely!”

Last week, Carol surprised her co-stars and fans after she announced her engagement live on air.

Whilst presenting at the Chelsea Flower Show, Sally said: “I’m a little bit concerned about you this morning.

“I don’t know how you’re managing to stand up with that giant rock on your left hand, Carol!”

As Carol pulled up her hand to reveal a giant ring on it, she exclaimed: “Oh, that one? Thank you, Sal! It is rather nice, I got engaged.”

Smiling at the news, Sally replied: “Congratulations from all of us! It’s the happiest news, we are so, so delighted. Congratulations.

“Can we confirm to the nation what’s happened?” Sally added to which Carol explained: “Yes! I think you just have, Sal. Yes, I got engaged. We got engaged when we were on holiday.

“So it’s lovely news, and we’re both thrilled, so thank you!”

Carol confirmed she had found love with her new man in 2021, 13 years after her divorce from her first husband, field hockey player Jimmy Kirkwood.

Will joined the BBC Breakfast presenters to celebrate his 20 year anniversary of winning the singing competition Pop Idol against Gareth Gates.

Sally began: “Well, you never know what’s going to happen! 20 years on from that incredible moment when I imagine your life changed?”

Will agreed and explained: “I am bringing nostalgia to you this morning, 20 years since I won, and it has been really interesting looking back on all the songs.

“All the images, I was up in the attic where all the secrets are hidden! I love watching the moment because it was just so amazing, it is not often that your dreams come true.

“But, they actually did come true.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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