‘Dire!’ Holding viewers insist ITV drama isn’t doing Graham Norton book ‘justice’

‘Dire!’ Holding viewers insist ITV drama isn’t doing Graham Norton book ‘justice’

March 21, 2022

Holding: ITV release trailer for new comedy drama

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ITV viewers tuned in to see the second instalment of Holding on Monday evening. The ITV drama series is based on a Graham Norton novel of the same name. However, some fans insisted the series isn’t doing the book “justice” so far, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Holding follows the story of police officer Sergeant PJ Collins (played by Conleth Hill) as he investigates a crime in the Irish village of Cork.

He is tasked with solving his first ever murder case after human remains were discovered in the village.

On Monday night viewers saw PJ continue his investigations speaking to as many locals as he could.

However, some fans of the book the series is based on weren’t too impressed.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, many viewers hit out at the ITV drama series.

@suffell_karen wrote: “@grahnort #Holding The book is brilliant but afraid the #ITV drama is dire. Trying to watch the 2nd instalment but am getting frustrated.”

@TeresaFitzell1 commented: “#holding really not doing the book justice I’m afraid.”

“Couldn’t agree more. Book was FAR better…” @aaabbb3 added.

“Is it me or is #holding an awful adaptation of what is one of my favourite books? Writing has missed so much character development! Actors are okay though,” @CMRBright remarked.

“Love Graham Norton and I think there’s probably a good story in it. But this TV show is all over the place. I think I’m done. #holding,” @mgaka said.

However, not everyone was in agreement as some viewers insisted they were enjoying the series so far.

“Anyone watching #Holding by #GrahamNorton on @ITV? So different, strange, funny, but very watchable. Such diverse characters! Based in #SouthernIreland,” @lesleyanngreen wrote.

“I’m loving #Holding it’s so refreshingly different from usual mystery crimes and the characters are so human. Funny and sad,” @jacquicottersaid.

Graham Norton recently spoke out about the differences between the ITV drama series and his book.

He explained: “My book is a genre book, it’s cosy crime, there are lots of books like my book.”

Graham insisted the production team behind the show had “made a TV show that isn’t like other TV shows”.

“Its tone and its feel is entirely its own and that is so hard to do, everything is a bit like something else.

“They’ve really elevated the book in that sense,” Graham told Yahoo.

The ITV adaptation of Holding is directed by award-winning actor, director and producer Kathy Burke.

Holding airs Mondays at 9pm on ITV.

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