Depressed Billy is overwhelmed by a massive surprise from Lola in EastEnders

Depressed Billy is overwhelmed by a massive surprise from Lola in EastEnders

April 26, 2023

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) has just been hit with the devastating news that granddaughter Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) only has six months to live in EastEnders, but she hopes that a birthday surprise will be just the thing to cheer him up.

Lola was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour last year, something which the family struggled to come to terms with.

However, things got even worse while Billy was working away, as Lola began to zone out and suffer from memory loss.

Her symptoms had doctors concerned, and she underwent an MRI scan, which revealed the news they were dreading.

She was told that her chemotherapy had stopped working and she was looking at a life expectancy of six months.

Devastated Lola told her family the news, but begged them not to tell Billy as she wanted to break it to him herself.

In recent scenes, Lola told him everything, leaving him utterly heartbroken.

In future episodes, Billy isn’t in the mood to celebrate having learned of Lola’s prognosis, but she is determined not to let it stop them from enjoying the time they have left together.

For this reason, she decides to throw a surprise birthday party for him in the Queen Vic.

However, she hits a road block when she informs Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) of her plan.

Having seen how devastated Billy was to hear Lola’s news, Honey admits that she doesn’t think Billy feels much like celebrating.

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Despite this, Lola continues with her plan, and soon calls Billy into the Queen Vic, where all of his friends are waiting.

Will Billy be able to put his grief aside for one day, or will it all prove too much for him?

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