Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah was 'psychologically abused' by a 'sociopath' for years as a teen

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah was 'psychologically abused' by a 'sociopath' for years as a teen

March 1, 2021

TALLULAH Willis was "emotionally and psychologically abused" by a "sociopath" between the ages of 18 and 20.

The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, 27, said a woman she'd known since she was a child "trapped" her into living with her in a "house of horrors".

Tallulah said that while she was never "physically touched", the woman coerced her into moving in with her, changed her phone number, took over her email and hid mail from her.

"I have a story," she wrote in white text on a black background on Instagram on Sunday.

"I've strived to be as open as possible, most often finding community with my vulnerability. With nervous fingers I am ready to share about a time in my life that I had chosen to not give to the public.

"It's taken a long time to heal, and if I'm being honest even as a freshly 27-year-old the wounds are still gaping, yet I've been fighting each day to heal for the past couple years."

Tallulah went on: "I am not ready to give you everything, so bear with me please. 

"There was someone in my life, someone who had been introduced into my world since I was in elementary school, someone who I was told was there to keep me safe.

"At 18, I deferred my acceptance to Boston University. It was then that this person, who I can now understand was as sociopath, directed me to live with her.

"Without protest (I didn't know I had a say), I moved in."

The designer – who previously said she had suicidal thoughts while battling "severe depression" – said the woman abused her with "no mercy" after she moved in.

"This person changed my phone number, my email address rerouted to theirs, mail was kept from me; I was trapped in house of horrors and told no one cared, no one was coming," she wrote.

"I was never physically touched, but emotionally and psychologically abused with truly no mercy.

"For two years I lived in fear so pungent my stomach recoils in memory. It stayed in the back of my throat long after I escaped my abuser."

Tallulah continued: "It is continually unfathomable to me that someone could do that to a child, who was in so much pain already, who only wanted love, safety and a space to heal, and could see them as nothing more as a means to an end.

"My very real mental health issues were manipulated and falsified for job security, and an unlimited credit card."

She decided to come forward about her abuser after rediscovering a Chanel purse her father Bruce had gifted to her during those two years.

"Paid for unknowingly by my father, a $5,000 vintage Chanel bag was placed in my hands," she explained.

Tallulah – who is the youngest of Demi and Bruce's children together – added: "Mixed emotions filled me as I was grateful for the extravagant gift, but very uncomfortable with the way it was procured.

"I am moving, and in my packing and boxing I have been quite thoughtful of what items I want to keep in my energy field. I believe wholeheartedly that objects can manifest and hold onto energy, particularly negative energy.

'This bag represents a pain, a story I would not wish on anyone. I have not used this bag in 9 years. And it's time for someone to reclaim what is a spectacularly rare and beautiful piece from an iconic fashion house, to inject love into a darkness I do not wish to revisit."

She said she was putting the bag up for sale on eBay and posted a link to it. Tallulah deleted the post shortly after sharing it.

She followed up about 30 minutes later with a snap of a rodent in a cast with the caption: 'smol hurts but hurts big.'

Tallulah has been open about her mental health in the past, revealing last summer that she battled "suicidal thoughts" while struggling with depression and "trauma".

Back in July, she shared an emotional post about how she questioned whether she "wanted to continue this life."

Tallulah explained that she felt "locked in a cage" or "overwhelming pain" because of her fragile mental health.

"A lethal combination of untreated severe chemical imbalance/depression, harmful coping mechanisms and certain debilitating traumas had me questioning if I wanted to continue this life," she wrote on social media.

"To have suicidal ideation to me, is to feel there is an unpredictable and unstoppable threat living within your body.

"In far too often moments, I felt the pain was too overwhelming to keep going. I begged to be saved from my own mind."

Tallulah previously revealed she had an eating disorder and that she almost died from alcohol poisoning when she was 15.

Back in November, she said she's been shedding weight due to "acute stress" and said that trolls' comments about her weight have been "triggering".

Demi, 58, and Bruce, 65, are also parents to daughters Rumer, 32, and Scout, 29.

She quarantined with Bruce, Demi and her sisters at the Die Hard actor's Idaho ranch for months during lockdown.

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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