Dean Martin’s daughter ‘almost died’ after Elvis shared his thoughts on her dad

Dean Martin’s daughter ‘almost died’ after Elvis shared his thoughts on her dad

June 8, 2023

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Dean Martin and Elvis Presley were singing and acting contemporaries during the mid-20th century.

And one day during the 1960s, the two stars came across each other at a film studio, where the crooner was being visited by his daughter.

Deana Martin, who followed in her father’s footsteps as a singer, recounted the story some years later of their interaction.

Deana remembered: “Elvis was doing a movie at Paramount, and so was my dad. I went to visit dad at the studio and we were standing outside [dad’s] dressing room.”

Speaking previously with Buzzworthy Radio, Deana continued: “And in those days, you rode around the studio on bicycles. And Elvis Presley comes riding up on his bicycle. And he gets off the bike when he sees my dad… And he says hi to my father. And dad introduces me.”

She remembered her father saying: “Deana, this is Elvis Presley. And, Elvis, this is my daughter Deana.’” That’s when what The King said made recall of the moment: “I almost died!”

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Martin’s daughter continued: “And [Elvis] leans down to me and says, ‘Deana, they call me the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. But your dad is the King of Cool.’ And I thought, Oh my gosh. It must be true. Elvis Presley said so!”

Elvis had been a fan of Martin and based his performance of Love Me Tender on the crooner’s style as he, like The King, had been influenced by country music. Perhaps more than other tracks, the Jailhouse Rock star’s single It’s Now Or Never, an English-language version of the Italian favourite O Sole Mio, was the most obviously influenced.

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