Dark season 3 explained: Why didn’t Claudia Tiedemann destroy the Knot herself?

Dark season 3 explained: Why didn’t Claudia Tiedemann destroy the Knot herself?

September 22, 2020

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Netflix series Dark has built up a huge cult following since it launched back in 2017. The series saw the story of missing children in the small town of Winden becoming so much more. Dark is undoubtedly one of the most challenging watches and demands the audience’s complete attention – nonetheless, fans still have questions.

Why didn’t Claudia Tiedemann destroy the Knot herself?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from all seasons of Dark

Dark season three threw up plot twist after plot twist after it emerged there wasn’t just one world but a total of three.

Jonas Kahnwald’s (played by Louis Hofmann) world was revealed to be interconnected with one in which he didn’t exist.

The two worlds were known as the Knot and were linked in an infinite loop.

Additionally, Jonas discovered the only way to break the Knot was to travel to the Origin World, which existed outside the Knot.

They only found this out after Claudia Tiedemann (Julika Jenkins), who had slowly pieced together everything through various cycles.

She sent Jonas and Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) to the Origin World and told them how they could break the Knot.

The teens succeeded and it meant the Knot could finally end with the apocalypse never happening in the first place.

Ultimately, all the characters were at peace as the Knot was destroyed and they could rest in nothingness.

However, given Claudia knew all about the Knot and the Origin World, it seemed odd she wasn’t the one to bring it all to an end.

Thais seems to be something of a plot hole. If Claudia figured out the origin of the Knot then surely she could have been the one to simply go through time and change events herself?

Perhaps Martha and Jonas had to be the ones to break because their child was also at the centre of the Knot.

The pair became Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) and Eva (Barbara Nüsse) after all, who are locked in an eternal battle with one trying to break the cycle and the other trying to preserve it.

Considering Martha and Jonas are so significant to the Knot, sending them to another world instead of going herself also seems to disrupt the timeline which could be another reason why they were chosen.

Then again, it seems like Claudia could have easily been the one to time travel to the Origin World as she already knew what had to be done to destroy the Knot.

Some fans are still wondering how Claudia it all figured out, considering the rules of the Knot seemed to suggest there was no freewill and events were already pre-determined.

Reddit user Jasper_Gandalf_ reasoned: “After spending the past 12 months being trained by Old Claudia, Jonas says to Middle Aged Claudia: ‘Big and small things don’t abide by the same laws.

‘Maybe nothing big can be altered, but small things can. We’re changing a grain of sand. And with that, the whole world.’

“Claudia taught this to Jonas to then in turn teach herself. Jonas thinks this is referring to him stopping the apocalypse in this loop and saving the world. But it was actually Claudia actually talking about how to unravel the knot entirely.

“By feeding info like this back to herself, a bit more each time, she was able to clue herself in and then start changing tiny things each iteration.”

A second user called Wrn-Elwas was still trying to figure out how Claudia knew the truth, posting: “I’m piecing together my own theory and I believe the info is somewhere in the show but how she finally understands it…and later that the Tannhaus family tragedy led to the destruction of the Origin and creation of two new worlds..needs to be explained.”

While third user PK_Shayton said: “My 1-minute-theory is that she realises that the bootstrap paradox needs a real begining before being a real paradox, and starts investigating. But I did that theory less than a minute ago so I’m probably wrong haha [sic].”

But not all viewers have been left satisfied with the conclusion to the series and user JYH89 wrote: “I think it was by realising that the paradoxes cannot have started themselves so once you remove all of the family loops, what are you left with?”

User cricascosta agreed, saying: “YESSSS this is what i’ve been asking myself! it sounds like a miracle resolution, a deus ex machina i think it’s called. and i can’t accept it! this series is too perfect to have such a sloppy resolution [sic].”

The creators of Dark seem to have left things ambiguous with fans now trying to figure out these unanswered questions – something which may unfortunately not be resolved.

Dark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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