Dark season 3 explained: Who is Kilian Obendorf?

Dark season 3 explained: Who is Kilian Obendorf?

June 30, 2020

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Netflix series Dark has proved to be a hit with season three recently arriving on the streaming platform. Taking place over multiple timelines and worlds, Dark has one of the largest casts of any TV show. Season three, which was the final cycle, saw some new faces introduced including Kilian Obendorf (played by Sammy Scheuritzel).

Who is Kilian Obendorf in Dark?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Dark season 3

Season three of Dark confirmed the existence of a second world, which was inexplicably bound to Jonas Kahnwald’s (Louis Hofmann) one.

Jonas was taken away from his own world and into the second one by Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari).

However, through the machinations of Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) and Eva (Barbara Nüsse), this new Martha was killed.

Jonas then went back in time into the second world as he tried to untie the knot with little success.


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To his horror, he found out he didn’t exist in the second world and Martha didn’t know who he was.

Martha was dating Kilian, the older brother of Erik Obendorf (Paul Radom), who was missing in both worlds.

Kilian and Martha were at school together and starring in the school production of Ariadne.

In world two, Kilian came from a poor, working-class background and his family lived in a caravan.

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Viewers learnt he had been living in a hostel but was thrown out, leading him to return to the cramped family caravan.

Kilian only existed in world two, much in the same way Jonas only existed in his own.

Although Martha was romantically involved with Kilian, she was drawn to Jonas and it wasn’t long before she abandoned her boyfriend for the strange newcomer.

Kilian was only a minor character but his existence in world two suggested Jonas wasn’t the origin of the knot – as the teen had previously thought.

Instead, Eva and Adam both wrongly thought the knot began with their child who was a creature of both these worlds.

Later, it emerged the origin was a third dimension known as the Origin World which had accidentally created the knot.

Martha and Jonas succeeded in destroying the knot which also meant Kilian sadly no longer existed, along with everyone else in those two worlds.

Nevertheless, there were hints some of the characters from the knot of Winden who were alive in the Origin world.

Martha and Jonas were thought to have survived in some form or another thanks to the visions they saw in the vortex.

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Who is Dark star Sammy Scheuritzel?

Rising star Scheuritzel plays the unlucky in love teen Kilian, who loses girlfriend to Martha after Jonas appeared in world two.

The young actor has been starring in film and television roles since 2007, according to IMDb.

The German star is known for his roles in Vicky the Vikings, Things Left Unsaid and Morden im Norden.

He’s also had small roles in the Netflix series Sense8, SOKO Leipzig, Cologne P.D. and Naked Animals.

Dark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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