Danny Dyer admits to losing his virginity aged 14 leaving daughter Sunnie, 11, mortified

Danny Dyer admits to losing his virginity aged 14 leaving daughter Sunnie, 11, mortified

March 21, 2019

I ALWAYS had Danny Dyer down as an early developer – but maybe not quite this early.
The EastEnders actor has revealed how he first became acquainted with the horizontal tango at age 14.

Danny makes the revelation as part of a hilarious new Channel 4 series called Let’s Talk About Sex.

And as if seeing your dad make such a revelation on TV will not be excruciating enough for his 11-year-old daughter Sunnie, she will be alongside him as he does so.

The family duo are one of a handful of celeb parent-and-child pairs to take part in the series, which is to tie in with sex education becoming mandatory for all secondary school children in England from September 2020.

Across the series, Danny talks about puberty, masturbation, contraception, breast implants, where babies come from and childbirth.

During the show, which airs on April 5, he reveals to Sunnie: “I was having sex before I started puberty. With your mum.”

She says: “Fourteen? You had sex at 14? That’s like me having sex at 14!”

He replies: “Well, that won’t be happening.”

I wouldn’t want to take on Danny.


LOUIS Theroux looks at postnatal mental illness in his upcoming BBC documentary Mothers On The Edge.

He visits two specialist psychiatric units in the UK that help new mums who have severe mental health conditions.

Haven't I seen Su before?

THE likeness between This Time With Alan Partridge star Susannah Fielding squeaky-clean TV character and real-life telly host Susanna Reid is uncanny.

But Susannah thinks that her character Jennie Gresham has it better than her counterpart – because she doesn’t have to suffer Reid’s co-star Piers Morgan.

The scene-stealing actress, who has held her own against Steve Coogan's notorious alter-ego, said: “I only had to do six weeks with the character Alan Partridge, so maybe Susanna has it harder.”

The actress also hinted at a possible romance between their characters – and a second series. She said: “There is a tension building. It lingers between a massive fallout or a more intimate tension. That’s something that will play out throughout this series and perhaps into the next.”

Just do a Jennie spin-off to spare me any more Coogan.


IT seems Gordon Ramsay has done a U-turn on veganism after previously ridiculing it.

The sweary TV chef proudly tweeted a vegan recipe and asked his 6.7million followers: “Who knew tofu eggs were this tasty?!”


IT’s a solemn day in Eastenders, as the residents of Walford remember the loss of Heather Trott – who died at the hands of Ben Mitchell in 2012.  However, Linda is left feeling guilty as she forgets her friend’s important anniversary.

She quickly rectifies things by organising a karaoke session at the pub and gets the party started by singing some Eighties belters for the George Michael superfan.

Elsewhere, Kim is finally back from Scotland after her extended holiday.

While in Neighbours, Mark is thrown by Elly’s pregnancy news and confesses to Fay he’s feeling conflicted about the situation.


BHAVNA Limbachia unwittingly upset the LGBT+ community by having her gay Corrie character Rana killed off.

But she said her decision to leave was made “in the same way I’ve tried to portray the character . . .  with truth and integrity”.

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