Dan Walker warns BBC Breakfast fans about his suit after ‘dressing in the dark’

Dan Walker warns BBC Breakfast fans about his suit after ‘dressing in the dark’

June 22, 2021

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker gave viewers an "early warning" on Tuesday, as he admitted to dressing in the dark in a bid to avoid disturbing his family during the early hours.

The 44-year-old is accustomed to early starts in the mornings but has previously said that he tries to ensure that he doesn't turn on too many lights or make noise while his family are sleeping.

Due to his prompt start to the day, Dan is often forced to get changed during the darker hours.

Despite this, the presenter's kind gesture caused him to make an unfortunate wardrobe error on Tuesday morning.

Making sure no one called him out on it, Dan took to Twitter to inform his 714,000 followers of his clothing blunder and shared an image of his clashing outfit.

Staring awkwardly back at himself for his mirror selfie, the former sports presenter showcased his bright orange socks which boldly contrasted his navy blue suit.

Alongside the photo, the journalist penned: "Early warning that I grabbed some socks in the dark this morning and… well… there may be a bit of a colour clash going on #BBCBreakfast."

He then added blue and orange circle emojis and a flushed face emoji to the tweet.

Fans were fairly amused by Dan's clashing outfit and quickly replied to his comment.

One fan replied: "Yikes! They are bright! Surprised you couldn't see them in the dark!"

While another penned: "Cracking colour…..but they don't match your tie. A bit unusual."

A third fan was a bit more sympathetic and said: "Are they red or orange, Dan? Don’t worry, we can’t see them behind the studio table!"

"What bank do you work for?” joked a fourth.

Father-of-three Dan has previously admitted to being "a bit of a night owl" but believes it hasn't helped him since working as a breakfast host on the morning programme.

Talking to The Times earlier this year about his routine, the star said: "We have dinner together, then the younger children are in bed at 8pm and the eldest at nine.

"I get an email with prospects for the next day at about eight.

He added: "I’ve always been a bit of a night owl, but lights go out at 10.45. I try to make sure that by the end of the day I am absolutely shattered, so when my head hits the pillow I’m a goner."

Dan currently lives in Sheffield with Sarah and their three children, Susie, 13, Jessica, 11, and Joe, 10.

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