Damian Lewis’ ‘disappointing’ Guy Pearce moment in A Spy Among Friend

Damian Lewis’ ‘disappointing’ Guy Pearce moment in A Spy Among Friend

December 7, 2022

A Spy Among Friends: ITVX releases trailer for original series

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Starting this week, viewers will get to explore the friendship and betrayal of Nicholas Elliott and double agent Kim Philby. Played by Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce, the Homeland actor revealed the moment working with his co-star that left him disappointed.

The six-part series, which is also based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same name, dramatises the true story of notorious Soviet double agent Kim Philby.

The ITVX drama will follow the British defector in a story of intimate duplicity, loyalty, trust and treachery.

Fooling his colleagues and friends for several years, his alliance was uncovered at the height of the cold war, resulting in the gutting of British and American Intelligence.

In the series, Damian Lewis plays the agent’s unsuspecting long-time friend Nicholas Elliott, who tried to get a confession from the 

Ahead of the series airing, the 51-year-old paid tribute to his co-star Guy Pearce, calling him perfect for the role.

Although there was one moment during the production process where his colleague left him disappointed.

When asked how it was working alongside Guy, Damian he said: “Guy as Philby was very easy to, you know, get romantically involved with.

“He’s a lovely, egoless man who didn’t bring any airs and graces with him and just wants to do the work and is committed and serious.

“He’s an immersive and nuanced actor, perfect for Philby. As it happens, he loves The Beatles and he plays the guitar a lot. We talked about that all the time.

“We were going to inflict ourselves on everyone at the wrap party and play some Beatles together on our guitars.

 “But we never had any chance to rehearse, which is really disappointing to me. That’s a concert we still have to give.”

Many people are aware that Philby was part of the Cambridge Five, the infamous group of English agents who were spies for Russia, but are unfamiliar with the friendships he betrayed in the process.


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Touching on A Spy Among Friends, Guy Pearce admitted that despite there being plenty of productions looking into the Cambridge Five, nothing has focused on his relationship with Nicholas Elliott.

The actor said: “It’s the story of how that friendship broke down, on a personal and emotional level, leading to a betrayal of the friendship, as well as a betrayal of the country.

“I believe that’s what Alex Cary [writer] was interested in (and obviously that’s what Ben McIntyre was interested in, in writing his book).”

While filming the series, the actor confessed that he was often in disbelief at some of the events that Philby had lived.

He added: “I spent the entire shoot having moments every few days going, ‘I cannot believe this actually happened’.

“’I cannot believe that for 30 years he was able to get away with this.’ It’s well-referenced in our story that the elite class in Britain on some level had become lazy.

“Once they knew who your father was, once they knew what school you went to, once they knew who you’re associated with they tended to just immediately go, ‘Oh, well, you’re one of us. Yeah, job done’.”

A Spy Among Friends will be available to stream on ITVX on December 8

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