Daisy's mum doomed to death by Stephen as soon as she arrives in Corrie?

Daisy's mum doomed to death by Stephen as soon as she arrives in Corrie?

January 17, 2023

Here at Metro.co.uk, we always like to keep our eyes and ears open for any key lines of information that could predict and upcoming storyline in a soap, and we may have just done it again with a brand new Coronation Street star, Amy Robbins.

Amy will play the role of Christina, Daisy’s (Charlotte Jordan) biological mother.

Christina makes her way to Weatherfield after getting word that Daisy is getting married to Daniel (Rob Mallard) and wonders why she wasn’t invited.

Very quickly, we establish Daisy hasn’t sent an invite to her mum because they don’t really get on. ‘She’s flipped in and out, she’s very unpredictable’, Amy Robbins told us recently.

‘You never know when she’s going to be there, when she’s not going to be there, if she’s going to phone or not. She is self-absorbed, but really that comes from a place of insecurity I would say.’

Away from the relationship with Daisy, Christina may turn her attention to a relationship of a different kind, which is where our suspicions have started to grow.

‘She quite fancies Stephen when she sees him’, Amy laughed.

‘I don’t think that’s one to be pursued! I think she fancies quite a lot of people to be honest with you.’

But where could this lead?

By the time Christina and Stephen meet, he would’ve already killed two people – Leo (Joe Frost) and Teddy (Grant Burgin).

We know Stephen’s a charmer and very good at manipulating people into getting what he wants, but could he do the same to Christina?

Has his next victim been confirmed, before she’s even arrived?

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