'Counting On': A Church Insider Claims Jinger is on the Brink of Renouncing Her Parent's Ministry

'Counting On': A Church Insider Claims Jinger is on the Brink of Renouncing Her Parent's Ministry

December 17, 2019

The Duggar family appears to have a lot of trouble brewingjust beneath the surface of their wholesome exterior. Not only is the family reportedlyinvolved in afederal investigation, but they are also dealing with a family feud thathas led to DerickDillard, who married Jill Duggar in 2014, threatening to write a tell-allbook. As if that weren’t enough trouble, it looks like another Duggar kid isabout to go rogue, and a church insider claims it’s Jinger. Will Jinger completelycut ties with her famous family and their controversial ultra-conservativeChristian ministry? If the insider is to be believed, it seems likely.  

An Insider claimsJinger is unhappy with her parent’s brand of Christianity

Areported insider took to Reddit on Dec. 15 to discuss life within the IBLP,the same group that Jinger and her famous family belong to. According to the insider,who was vetted by mods on the website, she had limited contact with the Duggarfamily, but firmly believes Jinger is trying to distance herself from herfamous clan, and may even renounce the group they are associated witheventually. The insider claims Jinger is already privately distancing herselffrom the group’s oppressive rules.

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The Reddit user,whose full name was not revealed, claims to know someone who maintains a friendshipwith Jinger, although they are not personally in contact with the Duggarfamily. The insider believes Jill may also have an interest in stepping awayfrom the family and their ultra-conservative beliefs. Jill, along with herhusband, Derick, have also been putting some distance between themselves andthe rest of the Duggar family, it would seem. Jilland Derick recently spent Thanksgiving sans the rest of the supersized family.

Is Jinger trying toput space between herself and her famous family?

Jinger is the onlyDuggar daughter who has strayed far from herfamily’s Northwest Arkansas home. After marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016,Jinger ventured away from Arkansas to live in Loredo with her new husband.After spending three years in the Texas town, the couple uprooted their familyand headed even further away. Now living in LosAngeles, Jinger appears to be acclimating to a less rigid lifestyle.

Jinger tearfullydiscussed her decision to wear pants and color her hair on the family’s realityTV show, Counting On. She was the first Duggar to don pants andmake a drastic hair change, but she still appears to share her family’sreligious leanings, at least publicly. In recent years, however, Jinger hasavoided discussing her religious beliefs on camera. Her husband, Jeremy, iscurrently enrolled in a seminary program that is note associated with he IBLP.  

Is the family’sshow in trouble?

Counting On is currently in the middle of its 10thseason. The Duggar family, however, has been a reality TV staple since 2004.The supersized family seems almost untouchable. After all, TLC was stillwilling to cut a new deal with the famous family after word of JoshDuggar’s disturbing teenage behavior leaked to the media. The show carriedon after Josh’s cheating scandal came to light, too. Sure, the network removedhim from in front of the cameras, but they were still willing to work with JimBob and Michelle, both of whom have had a much more significant role in Season10 of the show than in previous years.

Things might bechanging, though. Fans are theorizing that the Duggar family is about to get axedfrom the network. Not only is their show stale and boring, but a loomingfederal investigation threatens to unearth even more of the family’s secrets.It seems like TLC was willing to work with them while the show was successful,but tankingviewership numbers might mean its time for the world to say goodbye to theDuggars, at least on national television.

If the Duggarfamily is axed by TLC, the older Duggar kids will need to find a way to fendfor themselves. Separating themselves from their parents’ ultra-conservativebeliefs might be the best chance they have at financial survival. Jingerhas lost two partnerships in one week because of her affiliation with JimBob and Michelle. Could Jinger save her burgeoning influencer career byrenouncing the family’s beliefs? It’s possible. Will it actually happen? It’shard to say.

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