Corrie’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson inundated with messages from real sex workers

Corrie’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson inundated with messages from real sex workers

May 21, 2022

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Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson has opened up about the messages she receives from real sex workers after playing Nicky Wheatley on the cobbles.

Her character Nicky is a former sex worker who was hired by Daniel Osbourne to dress up as his late wife Sinead Tinker, before the pair finally developed a romantic attraction.

Now back on the cobbles, Nicky has already been through a lot, including being fired as a teaching assistant after Max Turner found out about her old job.

Struggling to find more work, her future looks fragile – but it has all been worth it to actress Kimberly.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press, she admitted the response to the role has been "wonderful".

She explained: "There have been a couple of organisations that have reached out to me to say thank you for [playing the role]. Of course I can’t take all the credit for it, that’s down to the writers as well.

"People are saying they feel it’s been represented in the right manner. There have been people who have inboxed me personally on my Instagram who work in the sex industry.

"[They] say it’s good to see somebody like them on TV, because normally it’s a shaming project or a quirky documentary about someone that works in the sex industry – this time it’s just somebody that lives on the street trying to make ends meet.

"So yeah, there has been some wonderful feedback. It makes it all worth it, doesn’t it?"

Kimberly also added that it's important to "get it right" for her own friends who work in the sex industry.

Quizzed on the best thing about playing Nicky, she gushed: "I feel like I’m representing women, real women. In particular that job title that she had, I’m very proud at how the writers have written for that character and how they’ve not made it a shameful situation.

"There have been people on the street that have actively stuck up for Nicky and have been on her side and I'm really, really proud of that because there might be someone watching it and seeing themselves in it.

"If we’ve got that, then we’ve absolutely smashed it. That for me is the key here, representing women. I have friends that work in the sex industry and I want to get it right for them."

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