Corrie star says Daniel fails to grasp how dangerous acid attacker Justin is

Corrie star says Daniel fails to grasp how dangerous acid attacker Justin is

March 5, 2023

Ahead of a horrifying turn of events that will see Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan)’s stalker Justin (Andrew Still) target her in an acid attack, Rob Mallard – who plays Daisy’s fiancé Daniel – has revealed that his character completely underestimates the threat Justin poses.

‘Daniel would describe Justin as creepy and a bit pathetic,’ he told us, observing that because of Daniel’s past experiences with the death of his wife Sinead from cancer, he has a measure of sympathy for Justin to begin with.

‘When Justin mentioned that his mum had terminal cancer, that was an Achilles heel moment for Daniel because of what Daniel had gone through with Sinead,’ he said.

‘It’s Daniel’s soft spot and Daniel remembers how much he went off the rails after Sinead’s cancer diagnosis and during the aftermath he went and did some very unusual things. So Daniel certainly thought that Justin might be spiralling out of control at the thought of losing someone to cancer. Daniel checked himself in that moment and thought, “I need to sober up Justin gently and remind him that what he is doing isn’t normal and he will live to regret it.” However Justin exploited this because he knew that it would be a weakness for Daniel.’

Rob said that at first Daniel isn’t fully aware of how dangerous Justin is because most of his contact with Daisy is online.

‘Daniel doesn’t quite grasp how dangerous Justin or the situation is, he feels like it is very much over in the digital world and it’s all coming through social media and text messages,’ he said. ‘It isn’t until Justin lets on that he knows where Bertie lives – that’s the moment when he starts to take things a lot more seriously.

‘Justin is threatening the two people that he loves the most – Daisy and Bertie. Justin hasn’t really had a reaction from Daniel other than Daniel taking him to one side to have a word with him. Justin thinks that he is not going to get any resistance from Daniel so he is going to keep pushing him. But Justin is about to find out that there is a line with Daniel and this week Justin will cross it.’

But despite Daniel’s efforts Justin’s behaviour is set to escalate until he targets Daisy in an acid attack, a storyline which sadly reflects what charity the Suzy Lamplugh Trust (which has advised the show on this story) has undertaken.

‘We know from our research that at the point of rejection where one party, normally the stalker, realises and takes on board the fact that the other person isn’t going to partake in the relationship they want, it can be a real trigger for an escalation in violence and aggression towards the victim because they realise they’ve lost control,’ the charity’s head of policy and campaigns Saskia Garner said.

‘We really feel it’s important for programmes like Coronation Street to air these issues and highlight the impact of stalking that affects so many people.’

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