Corrie star confirms chaos as Daisy falls in love with two people

Corrie star confirms chaos as Daisy falls in love with two people

June 14, 2023

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Daisy Midgeley’s life couldn’t be more complicated at the moment, and award-winning Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan has revealed that this isn’t about to change.

Viewers have seen Daisy catfish Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) as he has been mentally damaged by the acid attack, as well as physically.

Meaning well but getting it spectacularly wrong, Daisy thought it was a good idea to pretend to be his girlfriend Crystal to keep his spirits up.

It’s about to end badly though, as Ryan discovers the truth and is naturally furious at his friend.

‘Daisy is devastated because what can she say?’ Charlotte sighed, as she explained the situation to us.

‘She knows she is fully in the wrong so she can only try and justify it from where her intentions were coming from, but she knows that it was not the right thing to do and she knows that lying about it was also not the right thing to do.

‘These are decisions she has made so she has to deal with the punishments now. Ryan’s reaction is entirely justified and it’s her own fault! She lies, she’s deceitful and she gets herself into these situations!’

Ryan’s response is to instinctively want to hit back at Daisy, and warns her that he is going to tell Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) all about their recent kiss.

‘There is a real fear there when Ryan threatens that and she’s absolutely terrified that this stable world she has built for herself with Daniel is about to be ripped away from her,’ Charlotte continued.

‘She would absolutely be broken if Daniel left her. Daniel’s been on his A-game as far as supportive partners go – I really don’t know what else the guy can do!

‘So you would think that a little bit of honesty isn’t too much to ask for, from Daisy, but she seems to avoid honesty at all costs so I don’t think that is something that she is going to do.’

There’s a lot of complicated feelings, and Charlotte confirmed to us that Daisy ‘will fall in love with two people.’

‘Daisy does have a lot in common with Ryan, like similar interests, so if it was a genuine thing that didn’t stem from trauma then it could be something quite good,’ Charlotte reflected.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video

‘But at the end of the day, that’s not what happens so I think she would be better with Daniel in the long term.’

Whatever happens, Daisy has changed a lot due to what happened – and Charlotte has loved playing these extra layers to her.

‘I feel like the trauma of the stalking incident has made her more jaded and she trusts the world less,’ she added.

‘She is a lot more conscious of the choices that she’s making with things like what she wears, how much makeup she wears and how she wears her hair.

These things used to be a passion to her but now she’s thinking, “Okay, well this could make me end up in a situation with something really horrific happening.” So now she’s just a lot less than what she was, which I think is really sad.

‘But we got a massive, positive reaction from the acid attack storyline and that was really kind of people because there was such a response to it.

‘The viewers were really great about that so hopefully as Daisy goes down this morally-conflicted path, the viewers remember what has happened and where it has stemmed from and forgive her in the future.’

This positive response has led to some awards for Coronation Street at the British Soap Awards, including Best Dramatic Performance and Best Storyline.

So it’s likely interest will remain as the storyline takes this next twist.

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