Corrie Sophie Webster lovers now – health woes, paedo horror and sex clinic job

Corrie Sophie Webster lovers now – health woes, paedo horror and sex clinic job

June 8, 2022

It’s fair to say that Coronation Street beauty Sophie Webster hasn’t been so lucky when it comes to love.

The cobbles favourite, played by Brooke Vincent, came out as a lesbian shortly after converting to Christianity as a teenager, and quickly found herself in a series of whirlwind relationships.

From a runaway bride storyline to a relationship with an older woman, Sophie really has seen it all.

But where are the actors who played her girlfriends now? Battling health conditions, dramatic makeovers and a spate of cheeky sex confessions, Daily Star has taken a look.

Sian Powers – Sacha Parkinson

Sophie’s first ever partner and later fiancée Sian Powers ended in a tragic ditching at the altar storyline, while for actress Sacha Parkinson it’s only been onwards and upwards.

The star, instantly recognisable by her stunning blonde locks, recently underwent a dramatic hair transformation and turned into a brunette.

The star showed off her new ‘do in a glam bathroom selfie alongside pals, wearing her sleek hair down past her shoulder and donning a V-neck leopard-print top for the occasion.

For Sophie actress Brooke, her on-screen relationship was her first ever kiss in real life, aged just 16.

It was also the soap’s first ever on-air lesbian kiss.

Brooke said of the kiss: “I remember we had a tea break beforehand. I remember saying: 'Are you going to eat that?' I think it was like garlic and herb Philadelphia, to make light of it."

Elsewhere, Sacha has also been battling various health woes, and was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis after having “period pains every day”.

The star underwent an excision surgery, telling her Instagram followers: “In April of last year I had surgery to remove endo cysts from inside both of my ovaries, that had taken up the entire space, along with endo spots from around my womb.

"My surgery, though small in comparison to others, changed my life massively,” she said, sharing asnap of her in hospital with an IV in her hand and covered in bandages.

The actress, who has appeared in drama The Mill after her Corrie stint, added: “I had excruciating period pains growing up, often resulting in me taking days off school. I had constant lower back pain and for the last three years, a constant dull ache that felt like I had period pains every single day.

“My anxiety was through the roof, I was always fatigued, I found I was irritable for no reason and it hurt to have intercourse.”

Sacha added that she felt like a “completely new person” after the recovery process and her op.

The star said her mum had to undergo a hysterectomy aged just 24, believing she also had the condition but went undiagnosed.

Jenna Kamara – Krissi Bohn

Though short lived, Sophie’s relationship with Jenna Kamara, the physiotherapist who helped her recover from an injury, was only her second real soap fling.

Played by actress Krissi Bohn, Lloyd Mullaney’s daughter Jenna eventually fled the cobbles in 2014 after her romance with Sophie fizzled out.

But away from her life in Soapworld, actress Krissi was dealing with her own issues, including being targeted by vile online paedophiles.

The star was sent shocking photos of their victims on her Twitter account, and was left close to tears by the sickening photos.

She said on Twitter in 2013: “I have seen things I did not want or expect to see on Twitter tonight. Sick people! Poor girls and families and victims everywhere. #vile.

“Essentially there are paedophiles opening Twitter accounts and posting pics I need say no more. Vile. I am going to sleep now. I feel horrible. It’s so sick.”

A Corrie source told The Mirror: “The girls are not the most active among the cast and crew on Twitter but this obviously left them very upset and feeling sick.

“The good thing is they are able to tell people at work how to report such abuse.

“It was awful for them to see what they did. There are some sick people out there. The sooner they are caught the better.”

Since leaving the soap, Krissi has appeared in everything from Compulsion to Counterpart, landing a series of regular TV roles.

Before she found fame as an actress, Krissi worked in a sex clinic, explaining to The Mirror: “I don’t know how to put it ­politely, but I was looking at bums and willies.

“My acting skills came in very handy. The first time I had to say, ‘Lovely sir, if you’d just like to take your trousers and underwear down for me,’ was hard.

“In my head I was screaming, ‘Aagh, willies!’ because I’m still a ­childish person who can’t say rude words without laughing.”

She could only afford the train fare to her Corrie audition because her mum paid for it.

Maddie Heath – Amy James-Kelly

Though Maddie’s character was tragically killed off after finding lasting love with Sophie, actress Amy James-Kelly didn’t let it slow her down.

The star was cruelly told that she would never work again after leaving the cobbles, but she soon proved her critics wrong and has gone on to have a Hollywood career.

The star confessed on Instagram: “In my final two weeks at #Corrie someone told me, to my face, I would never work again. Today, I was driven out of Pinewood Studios after a two day, green screen shoot as part of my first film…”

Speaking of her decision to leave, she told Female First at the time: “I made the decision to leave because I'm young and adventurous and I want to gain more experience and explore and improve my craft. Acting is my passion and I'm excited to see where it takes me.”

Since then, Amy has appeared in everything from blockbuster hit Military Wives to TV drama Safe and period show Gentleman Jack.

But she didn’t hesitate to slam Corrie after calling Maddie’s death “damaging”.

She said alarm bells didn’t ring at the time, but she understands why some fans were disappointed to see a gay woman die on-screen, as a continuation of the negative TV trope.

She said: “I think that is an interesting point of discussion. I’m glad that people have started to recognise that.

“Back in my late teens, being a straight white woman who had a good education and really good career opportunities from a young age, it wasn’t anything that rang alarm bells with me because again, I would probably be considered quite sheltered in that respect, because I’m not part of a minority.”

She added: “It’s only since then, growing older and wiser and seeing what effect that would have on somebody [if] that’s their only representation of themselves on screen – I can fully appreciate how that might mess with your head a bit.”

Paula Martin – Stirling Gallacher

Sophie found herself in a relationship with an older woman when she met her mum Sally’s school pal Paula Martin, before deciding to travel the world with her beau.

Since departing the cobbles, actress Stirling Gallacher has gone on to make it big on rival BBC soap Casualty – though her efforts were nearly scuppered by a severe allergy.

The star is “quite severely allergic” to hair dye, and was forced to wear a wig for her Casualty stint.

She told fans at the time of her casting: “When I went into Casualty, I wanted to make sure that [her character] Ffion looked as little like Paula as she could – which is why my hair is now red.

“Well actually, it's a wig, as I'm quite severely allergic to hair dye.

"It's a real bummer, because I love colouring my hair."

Along with her Casualty stint, Stirling has also appeared in Doctors, Father Brown and The Office.

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