Corrie Justin star hints at danger for Daniel as he will ‘go to any lengths’

Corrie Justin star hints at danger for Daniel as he will ‘go to any lengths’

February 10, 2023

Coronation Street's Andrew Still has hinted that there could be danger ahead for the Weatherfield residents, as stalker Justin prepares to "go to any lengths" to be with Daisy Midgeley.

Fans of the ITV soap recently saw Daisy reject Justin's advances when he turned up at a wedding fair, with the stalking storyline set to escalate as Justin continues to bombard her with online messages and phonecalls.

Scenes due to be aired in upcoming weeks show Daisy's husband to be Daniel encouraging her to report Justin to the police, after she continues to receive deliveries of flowers at the Rovers Return – which she informs Jenny about.

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When asked during a press conference if Justin should be worried about getting on the wrong side of Jenny or Daniel, Andrew said that Justin views other characters like her and Daniel as "obstacles he has to overcome," and that he "doesn't have eyes for anyone other than her."

"I think he's just so laser focused on Daisy," says Andrew.

"I think it's one of the cases where maybe he should be worried, but for him, he really doesn't have eyes for anyone other than her. Even Daniel, who he is interacting with quite regularly.

"I guess he just views other people around Daisy as obstacles that he has to overcome."

During the press conference, representatives from ITV also teased that Justin "is a very dangerous character" and that "the storyline does get darker."

Speaking about Daniel's engagement to Daisy and how Justin will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of being with Daisy, Andrew continued: "I don't it really comes into his considerations.

"Obviously once he reveals himself to Daisy, I think he thinks that'll be it and they'll be away and it'll all be good, but after that they have some interactions and when this doesn't happen, he starts to view him [Daniel] as a roadblock.

"He's the one that's getting in the way of them being together, and that's obviously going to build into resentment and jealousy.

"Then there's a brief period where Daniel reaches out and there's a moment where you think they do have a connection or there is something between them. But the minute Justin realises that doesn't align with his goals, it's put to the wayside."

Coronation Street have worked closely with The Suzy Lamplugh Trust on the stalking storyline, which sees Justin defined as an Intimacy Seeking Stalker.

In a press pack from soap bosses, they defined an Intimacy Seeking Stalker as someone who "believes they have a relationship with the victim, even where there is none.

"Where the victim has made it clear to the stalker that there is no relationship and they do not reciprocate the stalker's feelings; the stalker is likely to see any form of response from the victim as encouragement to reinforce their belief in the imaginary romance/relationship.

"They are persistent, stalking over a long period and tend to have an immovable belief that the victim loves them."

Speaking about the upcoming storyline and Justin's behaviours as an Intimacy Seeking Stalker, Andrew also added that Justin's end goal is to be with Daisy, saying: "It's delusion. I think he has convinced himself that they are meant to be together, and that they share a bond that is stronger than whatever she could have with Daniel.

"His thinking is that all he needs to do is show her that they're meant to be together and win her affections. Again it's delusion, it's like a fantasy."

"It's so strong that determination, that nothing is going to change his mind," he continued, adding: "He's laser focused. He'll go to whatever lengths he feels necessary."

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust advises anyone who thinks they’re being stalked to seek specialist support, such as through the National Stalking Helpline on 08088020300 or through their website online tool at to get advice and support about what they might want to do.

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