Corrie fans fume as Sarah ‘gaslights’ young son into lying about Damon affair

Corrie fans fume as Sarah ‘gaslights’ young son into lying about Damon affair

June 9, 2023
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    Coronation Street fans were raging with Sarah Platt as she forced her son to lie about her affair with Damon.

    During Friday's instalment (June 9) of the ITV soap, Adam was puzzled by Harry's erratic behaviour, blissfully unaware that the youngster spotted Sarah kissing Damon and was struggling to cope with the lie.

    Sitting down with the youngster, she asked: "Harry is this about yesterday. I'm sorry about what I said.

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    "It was just a goodbye kiss. People kiss goodbye all the time. And the reason I was upset was because I don't want to hurt Adam because I love Adam and it was just a silly little kiss."

    Desperate to keep Harry quiet, Sarah said: "I was thinking, maybe we could keep this a secret between us".

    But the young lad didn't like that idea, responding: "It's a lie."

    Clearly confused, Harry added: "You told me to never lie," before Sarah insisted this time was "different".

    Fans took to social media to unleash their fury, with one writing: "So she's gone from gaslighting to lying and gaslighting her son again! #Corrie."

    "Sarah gaslighting her own son really is a new level of LOW!" fumed a second viewer.

    Another shared: "Sarah gaslighting her own son, how low can you get, can't wait for Adam to find out and hopefully leave her."

    "A "Goodbye kiss" f**k off Sarah. Harry is a child and even he knew what happened," chimed a fourth fan.

    While someone else echoed: "Sarah making out Harry is a liar or he’s losing it at his age. What a mother she is ladies and gentleman."

    Unable to cope with the guilt, Sarah sat down with Adam and finally confessed to sleeping with Damon.

    The solicitor was devastated but also filled with rage as he headed to confront the former drug dealer.

    Later, Adam returned home to a tearful Sarah and told her "you're not the woman I married" as he packed his bags and left.

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