Coronation Street's Nina Lucas in life or death decision over killer Corey Brent reveals Mollie Gallagher

Coronation Street's Nina Lucas in life or death decision over killer Corey Brent reveals Mollie Gallagher

October 7, 2021

CORONATION Street’s Nina Luca is forced to make a life-or-death decision over killer Corey Brent during the show’s shock stunt week, actress Mollie Gallagher has revealed. 

ITV is lining up death and destruction in Weatherfield, as the disastrous combination of a huge storm, a collapsed sinkhole and an escaped convict leave multiple families fighting for their lives. 

One of the storylines will revolve around Nina trying to talk Abi out of seeking revenge against her son’s killer Corey Brent when she returns to the cobbles brandishing a gun.

Speaking about what fans can expect from these scenes, actress Mollie teased that Nina will be “desperate for justice for Seb and herself” at the start of the week.

"Her behaviour is erratic and she flicks between the two, at times she has thoughts of revenge but then there's Roy by her side who’s full of wise words and Nina trusts him so he’s the voice of reason who can hopefully get her back on the right track,” she revealed.

"It's a matter of her heart over her head at times but hopefully Roy will make her see sense and that this isn't what Nina's about."

She continued: "She can see Abi's behaving strangely, at times irrationally, and Nina picks up on that. I guess she can see that Abi's thinking what she has at times."

Both Nina and Abi have been struggling to watch Corey’s football career flourish after he escaped justice for killing Seb.

"She can see Corey getting all these opportunities, his life is undeservedly on the up, while Seb is dead and she's suffering with the aftermath of what Corey's done," Mollie added.

"It feels like there's no justice, obviously she can't bring Seb back but Corey not being found guilty is devastating. This is just another trigger, she can’t believe it's really happening and hearing and reading all these things about Corey just makes her feel worse and worse."

The Corrie star hinted that things will reach boiling point during the stunt week as Abi considers killing Seb.

"Nina is on an emotional rollercoaster right now which is understandable after what she’s been through but we’re going to see some quite erratic behaviour from both her and Abi as they struggle to deal with losing Seb and seeing Corey’s life seemingly going from strength to strength. 

“The scenes we’ve been filming are amazing, so atmospheric, the set design is unreal, it’s been great to be part of it.”

​​Corrie producer Iain MacLeod recently spoke to The Sun and other media about what to expect from the deadly stunt week, which took two months to film.

"What you can expect is something truly massive. 

“We had a conversation with the network earlier in the year and they said: 'What about if we did something in the autumn where money was no object – and we re-announced to the world that Coronation Street is still operating in top gear?'

"As a producer, when someone says, 'imagine money's no object', you do rub your hands together slightly. So we set out to design something really huge."

"I wrote down an outline of what I wanted this week to be. In the back of my mind, I thought: 'There's no way we'll be able to do all this. It's just too ambitious'. But then I gave it to our incredibly talented production team and crew, who said: 'Yeah, we can do that'.

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"Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, we set about refining the scripts to try and create something really thriller-ish, really visual, really heartfelt and humorous in places."

Alongside Abi’s battle with killer Corey, a shock twist will see Jenny Connor left battling for her life after she falls into the old Victorian sewers below the cobbles.

Meanwhile, Dev will be forced to make a heartbreaking decision after he collides with a prison van carrying drug lord Harvey Gaskell.

Iain added: "It's also got loads of twists in it. There some stuff in there that you'll never see coming, which is, for my money, always the best thing in a soap or any drama.

"The scripting of it is incredibly tight and pacey. It's got big drama, lots of heart, lots of humour, and the spectacular stuff that we do particularly well. The end result is something that is more ambitious than anything we've done in the show before.

"We've done some big things in the past, but in terms of the number of technical elements that are in this week, I think it exceeds everything I've been involved with, certainly."

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