Coronation Street fans predict Summer will kidnap Bertie in Daniel fling twist

Coronation Street fans predict Summer will kidnap Bertie in Daniel fling twist

November 16, 2021

Coronation Street's current storyline involving Summer Spellman and Daniel Osborne looks set to turn sinister in the coming weeks, as baby Bertie could be held hostage.

Summer has been crushing on her teacher Daniel since he began helping her with her Oxford University application – and has even gone as far as to dump her boyfriend Aadi Alahan while pinning her hopes on a fling with Daniel.

But the much older teacher doesn't seem interested, and has been busy pursuing a romance of his own with Daisy.

And fans are now certain that Summer could turn to extreme measures – and that she could even go as far as to kidnap Daniel's young son Bertie.

Theories are flying that Summer could hold Bertie hostage in order to get Daniel's attention focused on her, after she was overlooked for a theatre date with Daniel.

And, as she's already acting as his babysitter, it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

It comes as Daniel's girlfriend Daisy begins to use Bertie to boost her social media following, leading some to theorise that she could follow in her step-mum Jenny's footsteps and kidnap the toddler.

However, in response to the spoilers, fans have come to a very different conclusion – that Summer could take inspiration from Daisy and take Bertie for herself.

Commenting on Facebook, one fan suggested: "If it happens it will be Summer who does it, then at the worst possible time her blood sugars will go haywire no doubt leading to some fraught rescue of Bertie.

"It will probably all end with Summer having some sort of breakdown – there you go writers job done!"

Someone else agreed: "That will be down to Summer, maybe Daniel has upset her."

"Bet it'll either be Daisy or Summer who kidnaps Bertie if this is true, in a bid to get his attention as they're both fixated with him!" another avid Corrie fan suggested.

Other viewers were left fuming at the prospect of a kidnapping, as one ranted: "Whoever writes the story lines for Corrie definitely needs to start taking a serious dose of chill pills… No fun in it at all anymore!"

As another followed up: "Omg I'd hate to live anywhere near Coronation Street if it was real, too much of a dangerous place to live!"

And a third fan begged: "Don't believe it.. Enough doom and gloom in the Street… Make it happy and funny like the old days."

Coronation Street airs tonight at 8pm on ITV.

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