Cold Feet's creator reveals show will take a break after new series amid pay row

Cold Feet's creator reveals show will take a break after new series amid pay row

January 13, 2020

COLD Feet's creator has revealed the show will take a break after the new series amid a row over the starts' pay.

The ITV comedy drama stars Fay Ripley, James Nesbitt, Hermione Norris, John Thomson and Robert Bathurst and returns for its ninth series tonight.

Cold Feet originally aired from 1998 until 2003 before returning to our screens in September 2016.

While the revived series has been well received by viewers, creator Mike Bullen has revealed he plans to put it on a mini hiatus after the current season finishes.

He said: "I want to take a break. We are going to rest the series.

"We’re not doing one next year. We need to give the characters some space to move on to new stages so that we’ve got stuff to write about.

“We’re talking about doing a one-off special to tide us over.”

The decision comes amid a row over the varying salaries among the cast.

Fay, 53, who plays Jenny Gifford recently said: "It’s a really tricky one because it’s not like other jobs.

“Pay is measured on very odd things that are to do with ‘bankability’.

"It’s not a case of the boys being paid more than the girls, as a whole unit, but we are not all paid the same.”

Earlier this month, Robert, 62, admitted fears the current season would be the show's last.

The actor, who plays David Marsden, said: "If we are pulled, which I think we might well be, I always said we’d either do one series and it’d be a failure or we do four in the reboot. That was my instinct.

“It’s not my decision, but if we are finishing I hope we’ve given ITV a very difficult decision to make.

"It could well be the end, but you don’t know."

Cold Feet returns tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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