Chris Harrison Talks ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood’s Fantasy Suite Overnights During Filming, Teases Spoilers

Chris Harrison Talks ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood’s Fantasy Suite Overnights During Filming, Teases Spoilers

December 5, 2018

ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season featuring Colton Underwood debuts soon and host Chris Harrison is teasing a few spoilers regarding what viewers can expect. There is no doubt whatsoever that Colton’s virginity will be a frequent topic of conversation throughout the season and now Chris is takling a bit about those upcoming overnight fantasy suite dates.

While most contestants don’t kiss-and-tell when it comes to the Bachelor and Bachelorette fantasy suite dates, it’s widely assumed that things frequently get fully intimate during those overnights. Of course, that isn’t always the case, but Underwood being a virgin heading into this part of filming does present a unique situation.

Now, Chris Harrison has chatted with Hollywood Life to share a few Bachelor spoilers about what supposedly happened during filming. Unfortunately, Harrison had to keep things fairly vague so as not to reveal anything too delicious. However, he insists that things weren’t uncomfortable when it came to this part of the season.

“There’s an extra layer for him, but that’s the beauty of those situations. Intimacy does not intimidate him. He’s not awkward. I think you will see he’s just very much a regular man, just bigger.”

Harrison said that Underwood’s situation isn’t all that different from other seasons in most respects, in that Colton and every other contestant needs to decide what they feel is right for them when heading into the overnights.

Chris says that their Bachelor “did himself proud and he did us proud” and Harrison insists that fans are going to love and respect Underwood as they watch him this winter. It sounds as if the host thinks there’s a lot more for people to learn yet about Colton and as they do, they’ll come to adore him.

Obviously, Harrison didn’t get too specific about the fantasy suites other than saying things are “kind of the same” as other seasons. However, as the Inquisitr previously detailed, gossip king Reality Steve has said that things get pretty interesting at this stage of filming.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, Colton does not do all three scheduled overnights. In fact, Underwood reportedly comes to realize he knows which lady he wants to have his final rose and he skips a couple of steps to make it happen.

There have been teases swirling around that viewers will learn more about Colton’s virginity heading into this Bachelor season and that there’s more to the reasoning behind his decision than he’s previously revealed. The network may leave a lot to the imagination of the viewers as the season airs, but it sounds as if things won’t necessarily come off as too awkward heading into these three fantasy suite dates.

The premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season comes on January 7 and fans are ready to get started. Will everybody come to love Colton Underwood as host Chris Harrison expects? The network teased via its Twitter sneak peek that there will be romance, tears, and plenty of twists and it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out this winter.

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