Chloe Ferry shows off weight loss in tiny grey crop top and black thong

Chloe Ferry shows off weight loss in tiny grey crop top and black thong

July 6, 2020

CHLOE Ferry shows off her weight loss in a tiny grey crop top and a black thong.

The Geordie Shore star, 24, displayed her toned abs in a boomerang on Instagram while wearing a grey crop top.

Chloe also wore a black thong alongside it, giving fans a full view of her body.

She simply captioned it: "Sunday ???"

Fans went crazy for the pic, with one person saying: "Most beautiful girl ever with the best body"

Another added: "????Looking amazing babes ??"

A third remarked: "Very gorgeous ??"

Chloe recently flashed her abs as she revealed she's in "such a different headspace now" due to daily workouts and meditation.

The Geordie lass opened up about how she has bettered herself over the last year – and one thing that particularly helped her was writing lists of things she felt grateful for.

Chloe explained: "So I used to wake up and just think I can't be arsed to get up, I want to stay in bed all day, I want to stay on my phone, I want to scroll through Instagram, look at all these pretty girls and make myself like really depressed."

She continued: "Keep embedding it in your head and obviously the training as well.

"I used to do the meditation, I used to train and honestly I'm in such a different head space now but I just hope this helps anyone out because I used to suffer for it worst in the morning. "

And the nice comments from fans left her genuinely overwhelmed.

She continued: "Honestly, I can't get over the reaction I'm getting before and after. I was so, so scared about posting it but thank you so much!

"I'm really, really grateful for all the nice comments. Thank you so much.

"It's took us a lot to post this photo. Everything I do, everything I say gets judged on and I'm so pleased with all the nice comments.

"I honestly thought I was going to get hate again."

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