'Chicago Fire' Season 10: Sylvie Brett Has a 'Hard' Time Dating Matt Casey Long-Distance, Showrunner Teases

'Chicago Fire' Season 10: Sylvie Brett Has a 'Hard' Time Dating Matt Casey Long-Distance, Showrunner Teases

October 26, 2021

Chicago Fire Season 10 said goodbye to a fan favorite from the cast, Matthew Casey. Jesse Spencer plays the beloved firefighter, and during the series’ 200th episode, his fellow Chicago Fire cast members bid him farewell. Not only did Matt Casey choose to leave his job behind, but he’s moving to a new state without his girlfriend, Sylvie Brett. And the showrunner hinted Brett’s going to have a “hard” time with the adjustment.

Why did Matt Casey leave ‘Chicago Fire’?

Matt Casey’s departure in Chicago Fire Season 10 saddened fans, as Jesse Spencer played the role for every season of the show. In the series, Casey was faced with a serious dilemma. Ben and Griffin, the sons of late firefighter Andy Darden, needed a guardian, as they didn’t have their mother around. While Casey asked if the boys could relocate to Chicago, he was warned it would be too jarring for them to leave their home state of Oregon. Additionally, if Casey chose not to care for the boys, they’d be placed into foster care.

Ultimately, Casey made a personal sacrifice. He chose to leave Chicago behind to care for Ben and Griffin. And Spencer further explained his reason behind leaving the show to Us Weekly.

“I’ve been doing TV for a long time,” he explained to Us Weekly. “I added it up, and I think this year is my 18th year of network television straight since I went straight from House into Chicago Fire. We were coming up to the 200th episode, so I called [creator] Derek [Haas], made a personal decision, and broke the news that I thought it was time to leave the show, and he agreed that we should at least get Casey to 200 episodes.”

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 showrunner teased Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey’s hardships moving forward

Fans were excited to see Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey further explore their relationship. But, because of Casey’s departure, the two chose to try a long-distance relationship instead. Unfortunately, showrunner Derek Haas hinted Brett may have trouble with the relationship.

“We’re going to see some, obviously, aftereffects with Brett,” Haas told TVLine. “It’s going to be hard on Brett, going into a long-distance relationship and not knowing what the rules are of a long-distance relationship.”

Additionally, Haas spoke to Hello! prior to Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5. He hinted Brett and Casey will have to work through major obstacles.

“They’re both good people and we felt that they, realistically, would seek each other out,” Haas noted. ” … [B]ecause of so much history on the show, it had to be a slow burn. But it’s not going to be all roses from here, either.”

Matt Casey’s ex-wife, Gabby Dawson, teased possibly returning

While fans are super invested in Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey in Chicago Fire Season 10, Casey’s ex-wife, Gabby Dawson, could potentially make an appearance. Monica Raymund plays Dawson, and she said she’d never “close the door” on the opportunity to play the character again.

“I love Derek [Haas], he’s my boy,” Raymund mentioned, according to Deadline. “I never close the door on Gabriela Dawson. The door is always open. I never say no to an opportunity to tell stories.”

Dawson’s return would possibly throw a wrench into Brett’s relationship with Casey, of course. However, nothing seems confirmed for Dawson to return as of yet.

Chicago Fire Season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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