Chelsea Lazkani accent: Selling Sunset star fires back at claims British accent is ‘fake’

Chelsea Lazkani accent: Selling Sunset star fires back at claims British accent is ‘fake’

April 26, 2022

Selling Sunset Season 5: Official Netflix trailer

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Selling Sunset season five dropped on streaming giant Netflix on Friday, April 22 and already has fans talking. One thing that viewers couldn’t stop talking about was newcomer Chelsea Lazkani’s accent when she first arrived on the show. Many took to social media to discuss what they thought was a “fake” accent, but Chelsea has since fired back and explained the reason behind it.

Chelsea joined the Selling Sunset gang in the latest season after meeting Christine Quinn at an open house in episode one.

She quickly made her mark on the show, and viewers were happy and excited to see the new addition to the realtors.

Chelsea is British-born but left some viewers baffled by her accent, as they couldn’t figure out where it was from.

Addressing the claims that her accent was fake, Chelsea took to her Twitter account to clear up any rumours or confusion.

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In a series of videos and tweets, she explained: “Guys, the word on the street is my accent is fake, ugh I know, it is all over the place but listen there is an explanation.

“I have lived in four countries in my short 29 years of life. I have lived in London, Switzerland, New Jersey, and I now live in Los Angeles.

“My accent is a mish-mosh of all the places I’ve lived, but I am a London girl at heart,” she admitted.

In another tweet, Chelsea joked: “If you think you’re irritated with my accent, imagine me? I almost fainted listening to myself back. Do you mean to tell me this is how I sound? WoooooooooooW.

“All of my American friends that gassed me and said my British accent is still there and strong. The British people have spoken. They do not approve.”

Another Netflix sensation, Inventing Anna, also had the same response from fans as the character dipped in and out of different accents.

Some fans compared Chelsea to Anna, and she teased: “After all the Anna Delvey accent comparisons, I can’t get through Inventing Anna anymore, it just doesn’t bang the same. Thanks, GUYS!”

Fans of Chelseas flooded her post with responses of support, with @AvivOr commenting: “An accent shows where we came from, the journey we’ve been on, and where we see ourselves going.

“Your accent is magnificent, and I enjoyed it so much. And this tweet is top-notch.”

Erica Gordon added: “When I first heard you, I thought you sounded Australian. But you’re sounding more London now. You’re doing great btw.”

Le Atkins praised: “Nope, you’re the best thing to ever happen to Selling Sunset.”

@cuteup_y2k said: “I won’t lie, first episode, I was confused lol, but you sound very born and bred now.”

Ishmael Mayhew exclaimed: “Your accent is EVERYTHING! STOP!”

While @metiyachique quipped: “I love it, you’re fabulous pls continue!” (sic)

Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Selling Sunset for a sixth season at this point.

Still, there were reports back in January claiming that the show has already been given a sixth and seventh season, which would cover another year in the lives of the Oppenheim Group staff.

Selling Sunset season 1-5 is available to watch on Netflix.

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