Charlotte Hawkins shuts down Adil Ray after he ‘upsets viewers’ on GMB

Charlotte Hawkins shuts down Adil Ray after he ‘upsets viewers’ on GMB

April 27, 2021

Good Morning Britain's Charlotte Hawkins told her co-star Adil Ray "don't say that" on Tuesday's show, as he spoke about pets getting elderly and dying.

It preceded a debate about the carbon footprint of cats and dogs, as Adil shared environmental campaigner Donnachadh McCarthy's theory about replacing household pets after they die.

He asked: "We’ve got an environmentalist coming on later.

"He argues that when your pets pass away don’t replace them. He’s not saying lose your pets now while they’re alive."

However, when the attention turned to Susanna Reid's elderly pet cat Suki, Adil's line of questioning struck a bum note with Charlotte.

"Pets last forever Adil, don’t they?" Susanna asked her co-presenter.

"They don't. How old is Suki?" he asked, hinting the cat was on the way out.

Susanna's eyes started to widen and she remarked: "This just got a little bit…"

"Don't say that!" Charlotte exclaimed, before pointing out her own cat was getting on in life, adding: "Bailey's 15…"

She then accused Adil of upsetting viewers at home: "You're going to really upset everyone with older pets out there."

"You’ve got to think about these things," Adil argued.

Adil is a proud pet lover himself, regularly sharing pictures of his dog Robin – who he shares with one of his ITV colleagues – on social media.

In response to Charlotte, he quipped back: "Listen I’ve got Robin, I don’t want to see him go anywhere."

Later on the show, Donnachadh McCarthy was joined by documentarian Julia Bradbury, as they debated over the impact pets have on the planet.

"We’re not, are we ever, going to have a mass giving up of our pets," Julia argued, pointing out: "I don’t think it's a realistic thing to ask human beings to do."

They both agreed it was important for pet owners to become more responsible, ensuring their pets are well cared for and keeping their cats out of the way of vulnerable birds.

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