Channel 4’s Naked Attraction fans floored by contestant’s bold sex confession

Channel 4’s Naked Attraction fans floored by contestant’s bold sex confession

March 10, 2022

Naked Attraction viewers were shocked to hear one contestant’s explicit story about her best friend before she stripped off on the dating show.

The show, which airs on Channel 4 and is presented by Anna Richardson, welcomed Nameya who told the host that she is a “bisexual newbie”.

She was open to finding either a guy or a girl but hoped she could “find a girl that ticks her boxes” as she has never had a girlfriend before.

In the contestant’s video tape, Nameya said that every time she tries to flirt with a girl it “doesn’t get further than that” although she has “kissed a few girls here and there”.

Despite calling herself a “nervous wreck”, she exuded confidence as she told Anna about her sexual encounters.

Nameya, who had styled her curly hair in a bun and wore glasses, red lipstick and a red sleeveless top, told Anna what happened after she returned home from a night out one time.

Her friend greeted her and said that she could perform a sexual act for her after Nameya confessed that she “might never have sex with a woman”.

Her X-rated story shook viewers who took to Twitter to share their thoughts over the explicit comment.

One shocked viewer said: “Oh my god, that’s too much information. I do not need to know what you and your friend get up to.”

Another wrote: “What a lovely friend Nameya has, generous to a fault,” while another simply tweeted: “Wait, what?!”

Another recent contestant shocked viewers once again after she revealed that she “gets paid to orgasm” as a sex toy expert.

Many viewers couldn’t believe their ears and were clearly envious of her role as they tweeted throughout her episode.

One said: “Where can I apply to be a sex toy expert? Asking for a friend.”

Another hilariously commented: “I have just discovered that there is such a thing as a sex toy tester! Goodness gracious me. I work in IT, I wish my job was that interesting.”

Many more noted the unusual nature of her career path and wondered why they have “never applied for a job like that” and debated signing themselves up.

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