Changing Rooms poised for comeback – but Carol Smillie is yet to get the call

Changing Rooms poised for comeback – but Carol Smillie is yet to get the call

August 27, 2020

It’s said iconic makeover show Changing Rooms could be making a comeback after 16 years off our screens.

The series first aired in 1996, and ran for an amazing eight years before the BBC bid farewell to the programme in 2004.

However, it seems there could be a revival in store – as a TV insider has claimed Channel 4 is looking to bring the series back as well as its original hosts Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and Carol Smillie.

‘Changing Rooms was something of a phenomenon, spawning a long line of copycat makeover shows and it still retains a cult following,’ a source recently told The Sun.

‘Not only did it spawn a long line of copycat makeover shows, it still retains a cult following among a whole generation of fans.’

They added: ‘C4 execs would like to tap back into some of that telly magic and exploit the current nostalgia for bygone shows.’

According to the publication, a Channel 4 spokesperson explained: ‘We are exploring the idea, but nothing is confirmed.’

However, a representative for Carol has told ‘No approach has been made by Channel 4.’

There has currently been no word from Laurence – however, we’d be excited to see what the interior designer had in store after recently turning down the opportunity to work on Frogmore Cottage.

After calling Meghan Markle ‘dull’ last year, Laurence appeared on Loose Women where he ferociously defended himself.

‘Now I would like to spring to my own defence,’ he told the panelists at the time before explaining why he wouldn’t want to work on her house.

‘I was trying to break it to everyone gently that I don’t want to [design] Frogmore Cottage,’ he went on. ‘She’s a lovely lady, but I don’t want to.

‘I think she has a strong sense of her own style – but it’s a bit beige for me.’

His words came after both Meghan and Prince Harry opted for Vicky Charles to decorate their new home – not Laurence – seeing the 55-year-old tell News Corp: ‘Meghan is far too dull, she’d run screaming from me.

‘My only hope for a proper, decent royal commission is when we get a Queen Camilla. She’s just over the garden fence and I’m very much hoping for a royal command.’

Maybe he can get a royal commission on Changing Rooms. has reached out to Laurence, as well as Channel 4 for further comment.

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