Chanelle Hayes wows fans with impressive weight loss after revealing yo-yo dieting made her go bald

Chanelle Hayes wows fans with impressive weight loss after revealing yo-yo dieting made her go bald

December 26, 2020

CHANELLE Hayes shocked fans with her impressive weight loss on Christmas Day – after revealing years of yo-yo dieting had made her go bald.

The 33-year-old star wowed as she uploaded photos of herself in a figure-hugging dress yesterday, but was forced to admit she was showing off a slight food baby, not a pregnancy.

In the post, the former Big Brother favourite is wearing a fluffy blue ribbed midi dress, showing off her enviable figure.

She is posing with her arms around her two children, 10-year-old Blakely and three-year-old Frankie, in one of the snaps.

Another photo shows off her trim arms as she cuddles up to her oldest in her pyjamas.

Followers were surprised by her figure, with Chanelle often covering up in oversized clothes.

One wrote: "You look like you have lost loads of weight, your looking great xxx"

Another added: "I think she looks great, happy healthy, certainly lost weight – loads. Well done".

A third agreed: "My 1st thought was how much weight you’ve lost ! You're looking fab !"

Despite her slim bod, others drew attention to Chanelle's tummy, wondering if an announcement was being made.

However, she laughed off the claims in the post's caption, which read: "Had a lovely Christmas today with family. The boys were very lucky and happy we could spend it as a family all together. Still absolutely stuffed.

"As I type this I am unwrapping a Ferraro Roche. 🤦🏻‍♀️. (Just to confirm- absolutely NOT PREGNANT!!! Just had a comment saying I look preg but it’s just all the Xmas food and a lack of core muscles 😂😂)."

One fan responded: "Pregnant?! You’re looking super slim! Merry Christmas x".

Another echoed: "You look incredible and certainly not pregnant ! 💖💖"

Chanelle has been open about her battle with yo-yo dieting in the past, admitting earlier this year as she got a hair transplant that her fluctuating weight had caused her tresses to fall out.

Back in 2016, Chanelle revealed she was suffering with severe hair loss, as she shrunk from fourteen stone down to seven stone at her lowest, before going back up to a size 16 in the space of two years.

Her binge eating coupled with scant meals hasn't just made its mark on her appearance – her digestive system had taken a pummelling too.

The beauty said: "When I was slim if I just ate some sweets or a bag of chips I'd straight away put on 5lb because my body was so messed up.

"I find because I've been on such extreme diets in the past, if I try to lose weight my body won't react in the same way.

"It's a much slower process now because I've totally messed up my metabolism."

Last year, the star revealed that she'd lost an impressive three stone and was the smallest she'd been since 2016 – but has been trolled by followers who have accused her of faking her hard work.

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