Celebs Go Dating's Wayne Lineker leaves his date 'freaked out' with 'creepy' knife chat up line

Celebs Go Dating's Wayne Lineker leaves his date 'freaked out' with 'creepy' knife chat up line

January 29, 2022

CELEBS Go Dating's Wayne Lineker "freaked out" his date with a "creepy" chat up line as the E4 show returned.

The younger brother of Gary Linker left viewers cringing when he appeared on the E4 series with six other single celebs tonight.

Wayne, 58, joined a number of famous faces who are looking for love with the help of agency matchmakers Paul Brunson and Anna Williamson.

The singletons, including Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry and former Strictly star Karim Zeroual went to a mixer in the series opener and Wayne was seen attempting to chat up a bevy of glamorous younger women.

At one point he turned around to a pretty brunette and told her: "There's only one girl I like in here babe. I mean, in that way.

Before she could answer, he added: "Have you got a knife".

The female replied: "What, a knife, why? I'm scared!"

Leaving Wayne to explain: "I was going to shine it up and go 'have a look'."

Poor Wayne didn't fair well on Twitter, as one viewer said: "5 mins later even more creeped out by Wayne. Why is he like manhandling he"

Another penned: "Celebs Go Dating tonight was one of the most awkward things I’ve ever seen in my life. What was with the weird cramped room for the mixer? And the hosts hovering at the door? The squeaky chair? Tom’s whole himbo vibe? Wayne’s knife chat up line? The picking 6 like two feet away?"

In a switch-up to the usual show, the stars have been holed up together in a £30million mansion in the middle of nowhere to find love.

Wayne was grilled by This Morning's Holly Willoughby earlier who bluntly asked why he can't date women his own age ahead of his appearance on Celebs Go Dating.

When asked about the age gap with his exes he said: "I am opening up. I’ve come to realise, even though there would still be a large age gap, 30-45 would be ideal."

"What’s wrong with women your own age?" Holly, 39, forthrightly asked.

To which Wayne replied: "I don’t know. I wouldn’t rule it out but everyone has their own attractions don’t they?"

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