Casualty spoilers: Faith breaks off marriage with Lev and Fenisha haunted by disturbing visions

Casualty spoilers: Faith breaks off marriage with Lev and Fenisha haunted by disturbing visions

March 8, 2021

FAITH calls off her marriage with Lev next week in Casualty, while Fenisha is haunted by disturbing visions as she struggles to get to grips with motherhood. 

Faith’s marriage with Lev broke down last year when her love interest Dylan revealed he’d spotted her husband kissing another man.

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And next week, Faith will grow suspicious after Lev returns from a warehouse fire and one of her patients, Claire, tells her about an attractive fireman who was on the scene.

Later, Faith sees Lev talking to Marty and admits that she doesn’t trust him.

Faith tries to get through to Lev and asks him why they haven’t been intimate since his betrayal.

Lev brushes off her concerns but later, Faith panics again when she hears that the fireman from the warehouse has been on a date.

Faith storms into the ambulance station and demands answers from Lev.

When Lev insists he isn’t gay, Faith starts taking her clothes off and tells him that if he’s not gay, they can have sex right now.

A startled Lev insists he loves Faith, but when he can’t give her what she wants, she calls the marriage off. 

Lev is devastated but Faith heads out on a mission, knocking on Dylan’s door. 

Meanwhile, Fenisha struggles to cope with baby Bodhi and is horrified when she visualises a car smashing into his car seat.

Fenisha heads off to find Ethan, but suffers another vision of Bodhi falling off the table.

Robyn notices Fenisha looking worn out and reaches out to her. 

Fenisha explains that she keeps having visions of terrible things happening to her baby.

Robyn urges her to talk to Ethan, who’s been addressing her over email.

Ethan suggests that Fenisha and the baby move in with him so he can support them more.

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