Carol Kirkwood apologises to co-star as Sally Nugent argues ‘Not her fault!’

Carol Kirkwood apologises to co-star as Sally Nugent argues ‘Not her fault!’

June 19, 2023

Jon Kay jokes with Carol Kirkwood after pollen update

As Carol Kirkwood concluded her weather report on BBC Breakfast, Jon Kay was curious to find out about what could be expected for festival goers heading to Glastonbury, but he wasn’t impressed with Carol’s answer.

“Thank you, Carol. We’ve got a couple of gusts coming in later who are going to Glastonbury, I’m just trying to see… it looks like it’ll dry out at least, doesn’t it? In Somerset,” Jon asked.

“Yes, yes absolutely. There’s a chance for a shower on Wednesday but after that, it’s looking pretty dry and it’s getting warmer as well,” the meteorologist explained.

However, Carol also had some bad news as she warned: “But pollen levels will be high or very high.”

Jon was disappointed by the addition of the negative news and let Carol know about it.

“You give with one hand, you take with the other, Carol!” He jokingly replied.

Laughing, Carol stated: “Sorry!” before Jon thanked her for the update.

“You know it’s not her fault, don’t you?” Co-host Sally Nugent told Jon.

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The broadcaster shrugged as he replied: “I know, I know.”

Carol has become a staple of the BBC morning show and fans enjoy her frequent updates on social media as well.

Just last week, she broke an unusual Twitter silence after fans wondered where she had gone after noticing she hadn’t posted in a number of weeks.

Thankfully for fans, Carol returned to Twitter on Thursday after having last spoken on the platform on May 23.

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The 61-year-old explained: “I changed my phone and lost all access to my Twitter account for the last three weeks.

“Huge thanks to Heather (especially) and Twitter Support for sorting it all out. It’s good to be back!!”

The update came as a relief to her 249,000 followers who had wondered why she hadn’t taken to social media for a while.

Since her welcome comeback, Carol has continued to post good morning wishes to her fans as well as weather updates.

She has used the platform to warn followers about potential thunderstorms following the recent heatwaves across the country.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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