Can Rhona and Marlon get to Paddy in time as a gun goes missing in Emmerdale?

Can Rhona and Marlon get to Paddy in time as a gun goes missing in Emmerdale?

February 26, 2023

There’s huge relief in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale when Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) finally returns to the village – but the relief is short-lived as it soon becomes clear that he’s in a very bad way indeed.

Paddy left the village in despair after he struggled in the wake of Chas (Lucy Pargeter)’s infidelity with Al (Michael Wildman) and the breakdown of his marriage. A drunken evening with his former love Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) led to the two of them sleeping together, and the morning after this the vet went out to buy some milk and didn’t return.

The Dingles organised search parties and contacted the police, worried about Paddy’s mental health and fearing for what he might do. He was eventually spotted in a nearby town and Chas and Mandy went to the guest house where he was staying to bring him back – but Paddy didn’t want to be found. Later he called Mandy and told her he didn’t want anyone looking for him.

So everyone is stunned to see him standing in the doorway in a coming episode, looking dishevelled and carrying a holdall. He has an emotional reunion with his beloved daughter Eve (Bella James) and makes out that he’s happy and back to his old self – but behind the facade he’s struggling.

What his family and friends don’t realise is that Paddy is saying his goodbyes to them all, and he leaves Bear (Joshua Richards) a letter. When Bear discovers this he’s horrified as he realises that Paddy plans to take his own life.

When Rhona (Zoe Henry) finds that a bolt gun has gone missing from the vet’s, everyone is frantic with worry and Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Rhona can only hope they can get to him in time.

This devastating and dramatic storyline will have viewers desperate for a positive outcome for Paddy, and the show’s boss Jane Hudson has been keen to emphasise that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the popular character.

‘I think it’s really important that we play this story to its fullest and we show that journey, and it’s not an easy journey,’ she told ITV’s Loose Women. ‘You need support from your friends, you need trust in yourself and in others, and it takes time. We’ll see Paddy go on that journey to find himself again.’

Emmerdale has worked closely with the Samaritans and Andy’s Man Club on this storyline.

‘We needed to open up the conversation about male depression and suicide,’ Jane told us. ‘We’ve worked really closely with Samaritans and Andy’s Man Club every step of the way through this story and their incredible support and insight has helped us to shape Paddy’s journey into a true reflection of what thousands of men sadly go through every year.’

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