Busy Philipps Transforms Into Kim Kardashian, Thinks She Looks Like Wayans Brothers' 'White Chicks'

Busy Philipps Transforms Into Kim Kardashian, Thinks She Looks Like Wayans Brothers' 'White Chicks'

December 6, 2018

The “Busy Tonight” host got the full Kim K. makeover, complete with face tape, wig and latex dress, to run her normal, everyday errands.

In anticipation of Kim Kardashian’s appearance on her show Sunday night, Busy Philipps got the full Kim K. makeover on Thursday and learned just how difficult it is to be a Kardashian.

"Now I understand all the selfies," she said afterward, "I’m truly fascinated by my face right now." After watching the package back, she said that upon seeing herself, she thought she looked like the Wayans brothers from "White Chicks."

We know exactly what happened, then. She forgot the spray tan. Rookie mistake!

"Then I showed Kim the photo and she said, ‘You look exactly like Anna Nicole Smith,’" Busy laughed.

The process itself was truly fascinating, as Busy put on an exorbitant amount of eye and eyelash makeup, squeezed herself into a latex dress and even applied tape to the side of her eyes to get that mysterious ageless look. When asked if she wanted them to pull a little further there, she quickly said, "No!"

From there, it was the long blonde wig and high heels and she was ready for big things like walking the red carpet and dinner at six-star restaurants. But that’s not what she did at all. Instead, she went to the dry cleaners and picked her daughter up at the bus stop.

"It’s made out of balloons," her daughter laughed upon seeing the dress.

"It’s really hard to get on and off and I have to pee really bad," Busy lamented.

It was kind of fun seeing all the work that went into making Busy look like a Kardashian, but we kind of have to agree with her when she said, "Doing this on the regular seems insane."

We can only hope and pray that she does all of this again for Sunday night’s show so she can greet Kim K. as her blonde twin!

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