Bradley Walsh walks off The Chase after Shaun Wallace’s ‘ludicrous’ mistake

Bradley Walsh walks off The Chase after Shaun Wallace’s ‘ludicrous’ mistake

January 7, 2021

The Chase: Bradley Walsh rages at Shaun Wallace

Bradley Walsh returned for a brand new episode of The Chase this evening as four contestants took on Shaun Wallace for their chance to win a share of the jackpot. Bea was the first contestant to face The Dark Destroyer but ITV quiz host Bradley turned around and walked off when Shaun answered the first question in their head-to-head wrong.

Bea earned £4,000 in her cash builder around and decided to stick with the money she’d earned.

Kicking off her head-to-head, Bradley asked: “In his book ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’ George Orwell referred to the myth that the working classes kept what in the bath?”

The answers were coal, beer and whippets with Bea opting for the first option. 

“It’s a bit of an educated guess,” Bea explained. “For some reason, I was hoping gin would come up, that was ringing a bell.”

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“Coal is absolutely right, take a step closer to home well played,” Bradley remarked. 

The presenter revealed Shaun had chosen whippets before turning around and walking off. 

When he got to the edge of the studio, Bradley turned around and berated The Dark Destroyer.

“Whippets?” Bradley exclaimed. “I mean I’ve known you for a long time. That’s the most ludicrous answer I’ve ever heard.”

“I’ve given worse,” The Dark Destroyer hit back and Bradley mocked: “Quite plainly, I’ve given worse.” 

Bea went on to secure her spot in the final and the quiz host couldn’t resist making fun of Shaun again.

“You let yourself down with the whippet answer,” he quipped. 

“Not at all I didn’t know it,” Shaun replied and Bradley hit back: “Oh, you let yourself down.”

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“Not at all, I got it wrong. I’m not infallible,” Shaun remarked. 

The Chase viewers were stunned at Shaun’s answer and took to Twitter to comment. 

One said: “Shaun’s having a mare tonight, getting ripped by the contestants and Brad, bless him #TheChase.”

“Shaun is absolute bobbins, a bath full of whippets FFS #TheChase,” another added.

A third tweeted: “Whippets? Is Shaun having a giraffe? #TheChase.”

“Ahh Shaun Wallace ffs #TheChase,” someone else remarked. 

“@TheShaunWallace whippets in the bath??? Come on lad have a word with yourself. #TheChase,” a fourth remarked. 

Another shared: “I can’t breathe at #TheChase Whippets. Oh, dear.”

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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