Bradley Walsh mocks The Chase contestant for ‘bizarre’ request ‘What is the point?’

Bradley Walsh mocks The Chase contestant for ‘bizarre’ request ‘What is the point?’

July 31, 2021

The Chase: Bradley mocks Amanda Lamb's answer

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In the latest celebrity special of The Chase, ITV host Bradley Walsh welcomed Donna Air, Amanda Lamb, Sarah Greene and Dan Snow to the show where they went head-to-head against Paul Sinha aka The Sinnerman. First up to compete against the doctor was TV presenter Amanda, who admitted to Bradley that she was feeling really nervous before the round had even begun. However, minutes into the programme things took an expected turn when Bradley asked Amanda which Chaser she wanted to play against – and her answer left Bradley a tad baffled.


“Welcome Amanda,” Bradley began as the former A Place in the Sun host admitted: “I’m so nervous.”

She continued: “You know what? I’m thinking I might pass out.

“It’s either through nerves or the fact I am wearing really big pants under this dress to keep everything held in.

“It’s doing the trick but it’s also cutting off my blood supply.”

“So, if I go a bit blue, right and wobble,” she added. “Can you help?”

“I tell you what, I’m not being rude but you’re so tall if you timbered from there I’d be able to catch you,” Bradley joked.

“As long as you fall this way,” he added as he proceeded to explain the cash builder round.

“This is the cash builder round. For every correct answer is worth £1,000. I wish you luck.”

Luckily for Amanda, she managed to answer six questions correctly, meaning she had the potential of scooping £6,000 for her team.

Turning to Amanda before The Chaser came out, Bradley said: “Who will we be taking on tonight?

“Will it be The Vixen? The reason you can grow pineapples in Bolton.

“Are we playing The Sinnerman? So annoying even his Sat Nav tells him to get lost.”

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He continued: “Or perhaps it’s The Governess? When she went to watch Jurassic Park, the people sitting behind her thought it was in 3D.

“Maybe we’re playing The Beast. In restaurants he always has a starter. A bloke stands next to the buffet and shouts ‘Ready, steady, Go.

“Or is it the Dark Destroyer. A yawn in a suit.”

The conversation soon took an unexpected turn when Bradley asked: “Who do you want to take on?”



“I’d quite like my mum because she’d let me win, but she’s not here,” Amanda replied.

Bradley put his hands in the air and looked baffled as he asked: “What was the point in saying that?”

“I was just hoping it would be my mum,” Amanda laughed.

Luck seemed to be on Amanda’s side as she stormed through to the final round.

Donna was unfortunately knocked out by The Chaser in the second round, while Dan and Sarah joined Amanda in a tense final.

Despite having £99,000 in their jackpot, the Sinnerman was on top form and beat the trio with just seconds to spare.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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