Bradley Walsh left squirming after getting contestant’s husband’s name wrong

Bradley Walsh left squirming after getting contestant’s husband’s name wrong

July 16, 2021

The Chase host Bradley Walsh was left squirming after making an epic fail during Friday's show.

The veteran ITV gameshow host is normally known for his quick whit, however, things went wrong minutes into the episode.

Bradley kicked thing off by chatting to first contestant Sheila about why she came on the show.

The hopeful explained: "My husband said you could do that.

After being asked her husband's name by Bradley, she quickly replied: "Martin".

Teasing, Brad continued: "So he didn't want to come on then did he… Course he didn't.

"Martin is sitting at home laughing his head off. With his feet up going 'ha told her'."

Getting things back on track, Brad added: "So Shelia, if you were to win some money today, what would you do with it?"

The gameshow hopeful replied: "Well I've seen a three carrot diamond in a beautiful shop in Manchester so I would quite like that on my finger."

Laughing, Brad said: "Well good luck with that. Really? Does Roger know?"

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Looking visibly baffled, Sheila replied: "Who is Roger know?"

Realising his mistake, Bradley squirmed on the spot before spluttering: "Dunno. What is your husband's name?"

As Sheila corrected him the rest of the audience began to laugh at Bradley's expense.

Ever the professional, the presenter saw the funny side and managed to continue on with the show.

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"Yeah martin. Why does martin say about it?" he said.

Smirking, Sheila replied: "He just recovering from the fight of having to buy it himself."

Sadly for Sheila she was quickly caught.

Playing for £4,000, she took on The Dark Destroyer – only to be caught two from home.

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