'Botched' Docs Talk Pubic Hair Eyelash Transplant and the Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

'Botched' Docs Talk Pubic Hair Eyelash Transplant and the Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

December 7, 2018

On the season premiere of “Botched,” the doctors meet with a prospective patient who’s gone above and beyond with her procedures.

In the four seasons "Botched" has been on the air, there have been a lot of insane transformations on the show — but never anything like this.

Tonight’s season five premiere highlights the one and only Pixee Fox, a viral star who has gone out of her way to look like a "living cartoon." She actually appeared on the show before, but has since gotten 20 additional procedures done, including an eyelash transplant using her own public hair.

Oh yeah, she also got what she calls a "doll p—y." Seriously. Watch her explain it below:

TooFab caught up with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif ahead of the premiere, where they shared their candid reaction to Fox’s upgrades.

"We think the same way you think, are you serious?!" said Paul. "Who the hell would get pubic hair for eyelashes? Who would do that? The other thing is, what kind of doctor would take curly hair like that and do something so ridiculous?!"

"We see a lot of that this season," added Terry. "Internationally you can do things that you wouldn’t even consider in this country and we’re seeing more of that this season. The complications and the weird stuff is just through the roof and some of it’s very funny, some of it’s very weird, but at the end of the day, what makes this show so interesting is the authenticity of it."

"Other reality shows, it’s like, are these women putting it on for the camera? There’s no question that’s what’s going on on ‘Botched,’" he added.

Dubrow brought up an interesting topic: plastic surgery tourism. Fox has traveled the world for her numerous operations, from Chicago to Iran, where she got her "fairy nose." And she’s not the only one, as many head abroad for procedures they either can’t get in the States or can get elsewhere at a much better price.

"There’s a lot of different countries and they do a great job with plastic surgery tourism," said Nassif, who also warned people are "getting botched" when trying to find "that low, cheap" alternative.

"Let me tell you the main problem with medical tourism," Dubrow chimed in. "Let’s say you think you’re going to a good doctor in another country. The problem is, plastic surgery is much more than the actual plastic surgeon."

"If you look at that woman who had a problem in Mexico who went in for a nose job and is no longer with us," he continued, referring to Dallas realtor Laura Avila. "You’re not only signing up for plastic surgery, you’re signing up for anesthesia, you’re singing up for nursing, you’re signing up for post-operative care. You don’t know what you’re going to get."

Avila, 35, slipped into a coma after her anesthesia was allegedly administered incorrectly. She died almost a month later.

"Plastic surgery is real medicine and it’s real dangerous," warned Dubrow. "That’s why we don’t recommend medical tourism."

For more, follow Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow on social media. "Botched" premieres Thursday, November 6 at 9pm on E!

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