Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton shares ‘only regret’ from time on show

Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton shares ‘only regret’ from time on show

August 17, 2023

Big Brother host reveal – coming soon to ITV2 & ITVX

Chantelle Houghton burst into the Celebrity Big Brother house as a “fake” celebrity 17 years ago and fooled her fellow housemates into thinking she was part of a girl group called Kandy Floss.

Channel 4 viewers adored the Essex beauty as did The Ordinary Boys’ singer Preston who ended up falling for her before later marrying Chantelle months after she was voted by the public as the show’s winner.

While their romance ended in divorce, Chantelle opened up exclusively to about her relationship with Preston being the highlight of her time in the Big Brother house.

Chantelle, now 39, also unveiled her “only regret” from her time on the iconic series which is returning to screens later this year after a five-year hiatus.

The mum-of-one was on the reality television series with the late Pete Burns, Michael Barrymore, Jodi Marsh, Dennis Rodman, George Galloway, Rula Lenska, Traci Bingham and Welsh rapper Maggot.

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Reflecting on the programme, Chantelle explained: “This isn’t a regret about the show. But I remember I was running out of foundation and I was doing the shopping and Pete Burns b***y took my foundation!

“I saw him put it in his pocket. I didn’t have the guts to say, ‘Excuse me, I’ve just seen you put my foundation in your pocket.’

“Yeah, I was fuming! It was the Maybelline one, remember the Dream Matte Mousse one?”

The television personality added: “But around the show, I have absolutely no regrets at all, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!”

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A lot has changed in the 17 years since Chantelle appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and won the £25,000 cash prize.

She said she was still living at home and had no responsibilities before she entered the house and admitted the bailiffs were often knocking at the door.

Chantelle revealed her success from the show has given her a financially comfortable life and is proud to give her daughter, Dolly, a private education and a lovely home. Dolly’s father is former cage fighter Alex Reid but the pair are not together.

When asked if she would enter the Big Brother house again Chantelle replied: “Yes, I definitely would, but it would be very different for me this time as I am two decades older and I am a mum as well and I have responsibilities.

“Whereas previously, when I first went in I had zero responsibility whatsoever, I lived at home with my parents.

“It would be a very different experience for me being away from home and my daughter. But oh, 100 percent, get me in there!”

Big Brother launches on ITV later this year at a date yet to be announced.

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