Beyond Paradise’s Kris Marshall opens up on Death in Paradise spin-off

Beyond Paradise’s Kris Marshall opens up on Death in Paradise spin-off

April 7, 2023

Beyond Paradise: Humphrey Goodman returns to Caribbean

Beyond Paradise follows the love story of DI Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) and Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton) as they attempt to settle into a quieter life in Shipton Abbott, Devon. The couple faces many hurdles in the BBC series, especially after Martha lost her unborn baby following their struggle with conceiving. However, speaking exclusively to and other press in a recent Q&A, Kris shared his concerns over the Death in Paradise spin-off.

The actor admitted when he first read the script, he was unsure whether it would work following the success of Death in Paradise.

He shared: “When Tony [Jordan] first sent me the first script I thought, well, you know, that’s all very well, but if you’re going to make the same show and put it in the UK, that’s not necessarily going to work, or it might work but it might be a bit lazy.

“So, it has to be really different and then when I read the first script, I was like, ‘Wow, this is different, it’s completely different’.

“It shares the same DNA but it’s entirely unique and so and I just love the thought of you know, what happens to them? What’s their reality after that happy ever after?”

Series two of Beyond Paradise hasn’t been confirmed, but bosses Tim Key and Tony Jordan admitted they have already started writing it.

“I’ve started writing it, I’m not waiting to be commissioned,” Tony said.

“We got loads of stories that didn’t make the cut in season one.

“But the main reason for doing it is Tim’s had this long-held ambition that I only discovered last week about filming on a steam train.”

At the end of Friday’s Beyond Paradise, fans were sent into a frenzy after bosses teased a Death in Paradise cross-over.

Humphrey was spotted sitting outside his old shack in Saint Marie, which led fans to believe he was heading back to the Caribbean.

Teasing fans with what is in store for the detective, Tim said: “There is nothing I can say.

“It did look like Humphrey was somewhere in the promo, you’ll just have to watch.”

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Fans have also been coming up with their own theories about Humphrey and Martha’s storyline.

Many are hoping the couple don’t end up being torn apart.

@DMTC08 shared: “It is absolutely perfect and brilliant that next week’s #BeyondParadise episode finale teases we see Humphrey and @DIPHarryLizard reunite back in Saint Marie.”

@hannahfun1 said: “That ending really got me, made me cry a lot, I can’t bear to see Humphrey cry. Sally & Kris was just amazing.” (sic)

@nicolejauthor tweeted: “#BeyondParadise How could you split Martha and Humphrey up? It’s the only damn reason we watch it. They’re the perfect oddball couple. You need to get them back together ASAP.” (sic)

“Poor Humphrey & Martha #BeyondParadise,” @sweetfa21 went on to say.

While @LauJane_ added: “That scene between Martha and Humphrey and the one the week before when she asked if they could just be a family the two of them!” (sic)

Beyond Paradise returns on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.

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