Ben Shephard left 'stressed' after series of blunders on Tipping Point: Lucky Stars

Ben Shephard left 'stressed' after series of blunders on Tipping Point: Lucky Stars

May 23, 2022

TIPPING Point viewers saw as host Ben Shephard was left very frustrated during the latest episode.

The ITV gameshow host exclaimed that he was "stressed" as one of the show's celebrity contestants kept making blunders on the Lucky Stars special.

Ben, 47, returned to screens on Sunday evening with a brand new episode, and welcomed three special guests.

Joining him in the studio was Kiss FM presenter and Diversity dancer Jordan Banjo, TV presenter Chris Bavin, as well as comedian and actress Roisin Conaty.

It was Roisin who had a bit of a rough ride on the show, firstly stumbling over her words.

The Netflix star – who acted alongside Ricky Gervais in his After Life series – was struggling to string together a sentence as soon as her turn kicked off.

She then struggled with her drops on the show's huge arcade-style machine, meaning she lost out on cash as a result.

One moment in particular saw Roisin drop her counter into the show's machine at the wrong time, leaving Ben looking gutted.

The presenter told her: "Take your time", but the star went against his advice and dropped the counter into the machine immediately.

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Later on in the game, she made the same mistake yet again.

Her mishaps became too much for Ben, who butted in saying: "Wait, wait, wait…" but it was too late.

He then exclaimed: "Oh no! Oh my days, this is so stressful!"

Ben begged the machine: "Please can you get some money for Roisin, please?!"

Whilst she did eventually managed to win £800, this wasn't enough to keep her in the game and she was first to be knocked out.

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