'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Chef Natasha Says the Show Helped Her Be Less Defensive – 'I Think I'm a Bit Much'

'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Chef Natasha Says the Show Helped Her Be Less Defensive – 'I Think I'm a Bit Much'

April 20, 2021

Chef Natasha de Bourg from Below Deck Sailing Yacht softened her stance and truly took accountability for being defensive on the show.

She said watching the show helped her to see that she was being overly defensive during some of her interactions, especially with chief stew Daisy Kelliher. In fact, Kelliher and de Bourg have become close friends since filming wrapped and de Bourg said the show allowed her to truly reflect on how she reacted.

Chef Natasha walks back some of her previous statements

Instead of doubling down on her reactions, de Bourg said she completely agrees that she was a little too reactive to criticism. De Bourg appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which is when host Andy Cohen wanted to give de Bourg a chance to give criticism back to Kelliher.

In a surprising turn of events, de Bourg instead owned up to her reactions instead of lashing out at Kelliher. Cohen wondered if de Bourg should have doubled down on the whole poached eggs with hollandaise sauce stance. But she said she was wrong when it came to insisting that’s how poached eggs are served. “The guest is always right,” she said. “I should have listened to Daisy.”

Cohen also reminded de Bourg that she said Kelliher needs to stop making Dani Soares do her job for her. Cohen wondered what else Kelliher needed to stop passing off to her stews. Again, de Bourg had another surprising reaction. “Now that I’m more into the show so I can kind of like take back my statement,” she replied. “I see what she’s doing more so I wouldn’t actually change anything she’s doing.”

Chef Natasha says she wants to avoid being defensive

Kelliher and de Bourg recently hung out together in New York City. They have both shared on their Instagram stories that they truly like and respect each other. “We are both strong-headed and sometimes we stand for the same things!” de Bourg recently shared. She also described Kelliher as a “boss a** b*tch” who is “strong-minded and independent.”

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