BBC viewers slam Naga Munchetty for ‘car crash’ Ed Milliband grilling

BBC viewers slam Naga Munchetty for ‘car crash’ Ed Milliband grilling

January 14, 2023

Naga and Charlie speak to Ed Miliband over energy crisis

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BBC Breakfast viewers were left puzzled after an interview between hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt and Ed Milliband. The Labour MP told of some harrowing stories about individuals who were “cut off” for being “33pm in debt” with their energy supplier. Milliband called it a “national scandal”, but viewers were not happy with the way the interview progressed.

The MP said: “It’s a quiet scandal that has been going on, we all know about the energy price hikes.

“But what we really have in this country is the scourge of people being disconnected, cut off, blackouts essentially by the back door.

“Because companies can’t cut people off if they are on direct debit, but they get moved to pre-payment meters.

“They force them to be installed and the customers don’t get a choice.

“Then they can’t afford to top up, there were three million people last year unable to top up.”

Naga cut him off, saying: “I think we need to be careful with language here because we do want to be accurate.

“When you say ‘cut off’, the energy companies are not allowed to ‘cut someone off’.

“But effectively if you can’t pay for the service, you don’t receive the service.”

Charlie later went on to grill the Shadow Secretary over whether he “would pay” and loan money to pay people’s bills.

He asked: “I’d like you to address that. Are you saying you would pay people’s bills?”

Milliband replied: “We would have had a lower cap on bills.”

But Charlie interjected again, asking: “I’m asking what you would do now.

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“This is the thing, we are faced with a problem, you heard from Gemma there, £100 a week, she can’t afford that sum of money. Someone has to pay it.”

Viewers took to Twitter to slam the presenters’ approach to the interview.

@Outspok03350812 said: “Patronising Miliband car crash interview over energy bills, Labour MP embarrassing himself. #BBCBreakfast.”

@HughEdw31897368 wrote: “Naga Munchetty saying we have to be careful with language. Defending energy companies is not a good look BBC.

“Pre payment meters are the biggest scam going with users on some of the highest tariffs. It’s time to renationalise all the energy suppliers. #bbcbreakfast”

@tighabhinn asked: “Can’t understand why Charlie & Naga are giving Ed Milliband such a hard time when he’s only suggesting ways to help the customer #BBCBreakfast

@YaphamRoad said: “I don’t get #bbcbreakfast’s line of questioning. Challenge and ask awkward questions to the opposition whilst allowing #tory ministers to obfuscate.”

However, @BrianDry said: “@BBCBreakfast #bbcbreakfast well done Charlie. You are asking the right questions and pinning @edmiliband down for an answer.”

@tighabhinn added: “Naga certainly did a great job of arguing the case for the energy companies.

“She & Charlie certainly demolished any idea of a better deal for those on low incomes #BBCBreakfast @BBCBreakfast.”

BBC Breakfast airs on BBC One from 6am

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