BBC News: ‘Have you learnt nothing?’ Matt Taylor takes swipe at Naga Munchetty over remark

BBC News: ‘Have you learnt nothing?’ Matt Taylor takes swipe at Naga Munchetty over remark

August 9, 2019

Today’s BBC Breakfast was hosted by Naga along with Charlie Stayt as both were in the studio.

But it was a different story for meteorologist Matt who was out in the field as he gave his weather forecasts throughout the length of the BBC programme.

Matt was reporting live from Banbury at Cropredy festival where the rain was coming down heavily on him for the majority of the instalment.

However, later on in the broadcast the skies cleared up for Matt and he was left with sunshine.

Foolishly, I didn’t believe you

Naga Munchetty

Despite his previous assertions that the weather was going to brighten, Naga didn’t believe him.

As the presenters in the studio cut over to Matt, Naga said: “Apparently, someone’s saying in my ear, the sun is actually shining on Matt. A little bit.”

“It is! It is!” Naga exclaimed as Matt appeared on the screen. “You did say the sun way going to come out a little later and foolishly I didn’t believe you.”

Matt then heaved a heavy sigh before questioning: “Have you learnt nothing yet, Naga? Yes, the sun has come out after that torrential rain earlier.

“I’m optimistic that the sun will eventually come out in Dundee later today if you are heading off up there.”

Although it transpired Matt won’t be subject to the elements in tomorrow’s episode.

Naga stated: “We shall see you tomorrow morning, I’m very glad you got to dry after being thoroughly soaked.”

“I’m drying out, I’m drying out,” Matt declared.

“What a day at work for you. Back in the studio tomorrow?’ Naga asked.

Matt replied: “I am indeed. All good fun though, we like being out and about.”

Earlier this morning, Matt had shared the torrential conditions with his Twitter followers.

Posting a video of rain pouring down on the festival site, Matt wrote: “The video doesn’t really do the rain justice! Some pretty difficult driving conditions out there this morning folks @BBCBreakfast @BBCNaga.”

Naga retweeted Matt’s video as she added: “He loves his job today… @MetMattTaylor.”

Elsewhere, all eyes were on Naga’s dress today as many reached out to her to extend a compliment.

“Hi love ur green dress u got today suits u,” one fan shared.

A second added: “Meanwhile I am loving your dress @BBCNaga.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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