BBC job lifts me up and runs me down, says cancer-hit George Alagiah

BBC job lifts me up and runs me down, says cancer-hit George Alagiah

September 4, 2022

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The News At Six presenter, who went public with his stage four diagnosis in 2014, revealed yesterday that a tumour site at the base of his back causes him extreme pain. George, 66, is thankful to be working. 

He said: “Going into the newsroom doesn’t kill any cancer cells, that’s for sure.

“By the time I walk out at seven o’clock in the evening, having been there since the morning, I am absolutely knackered physically but mentally I am rejuvenated. I’ve been with people who treat me as they always did…and it is a tremendous fillip.”

Sri Lanka-born George paid tribute to colleague Bill Turnbull, 66, who died from prostate cancer last Wednesday: “Well done Bill for setting an example for all of us living with a life-threatening illness.”

He added: “One of the things I want to do is hold hands with my wife until the end. I am looking out of the window at Frances setting out the tablecloth on our garden table, and it occurs to me, ‘Is she going to have to do that for herself one day, and eat on her own?’.”

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