BBC blasted for ‘vandalism’ of Great Expectations – YOUR VIEW

BBC blasted for ‘vandalism’ of Great Expectations – YOUR VIEW

April 16, 2023

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The BBC’s adaptation of Great Expectations has received mixed reviews from viewers for its modern interpretation of the 1861 novel by Charles Dickens. It is the 18th adaptation of the story for film and TV and stars Olivia Colman as spinster Miss Havisham. However, readers have declared the six-part drama as too woke, a new poll has shown.

Screenwriter Steven Knight said he tried to stay true to the original plot but has used his creative licence to add in new scenes, touching on topics he felt were alluded to in the novel.

He explained: “You couldn’t write about certain things in Dickens’ time: certain elements of sexuality, crime, disobedience against the crown and state. What I tried to do was imagine if Dickens was writing the story now and had the freedom to go to those darker places, what would he do? If he had been liberated to write the things that were going on that he wasn’t allowed to write about.”

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In a poll that ran from 9pm on Sunday, March 26, until 2pm on Friday, April 14, asked readers: “Is the BBC’s adaptation of Dickens’s classic Great Expectations too woke?”

A total of 1,017 votes were cast, with the vast majority of readers, 85 percent (861 people), answering, “yes”, the BBC’s adaptation is too woke. Whereas 13 percent (129 people) said, “no”, it is not, and a further 27 people said they did not know.

In the comments below the accompanying article, readers shared their thoughts on the adaptation.

Username hellothere89 said: “In my opinion, it is vandalism of Dickens’s masterpiece and I would imagine he would be furious with what they have done. BBC need to get back to making exceptional dramas, in recent years the only really good historical drama made by the BBC based on a novel is War and Peace.

“They need to fire their current production as soon as possible as this isn’t an accurate portrayal of Great Expectations.”

However, others were more positive about the series, with username Mr. AlwaysRight writing: “This will be another award winner for the BBC.”

Richard Madely shared his thoughts on the adaptation, telling guests on Good Morning Britain on April 5: “I enjoyed the first [episode], other than the opening; I thought it was very good, I thought it was going to be great. I thought the second one was ridiculous, to be honest with you, absolutely absurd.”

Great Expectations continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

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