‘B&B’ Recap For Tuesday, December 11: Zoe Reveals Reese’s Past, Steffy Begs Liam

‘B&B’ Recap For Tuesday, December 11: Zoe Reveals Reese’s Past, Steffy Begs Liam

December 13, 2018

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Tuesday, December 12 features Zoe (Kiara Barnes) and Reese Buckingham in the Forrester design studio. Talk turned to Steffy’s party and Zoe noted that her father took quite an interest in Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). After Reese finished a phone call, Zoe asked him about a credit card bill that she found. He laughed his daughter’s concerns away.

Zoe Buckingham Revealed Reese Buckingham’s Past

Zoe then questioned Reese about why he moved to L.A. from London because she knew that he loved the city. Per Soaps, Reese said that he loved Zoe more and L.A. would be a fresh start for both of them. Zoe said that he loved a lot of people, in particular he had a love for woman who could fund his lifestyle. She warned him that Taylor was her boss’s mother and that she didn’t want him to ruin her career. Later, Zoe told Xander that her father was not good with relationships and that she was worried because he seemed to have taken a keen interest in Taylor.

Steffy Forrester Begged Liam Spencer

Liam (Scott Clifton) went to Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) house where he discovered Taylor. Taylor felt that he shouldn’t have told Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) about her past. She said that her freedom was now at stake because Brooke was lording her past over her. Liam said that no one would hand her over to the cops, but Taylor felt that he could not promise her that. Taylor also wanted to know if he wanted Kelly (Zoe Pennington) to grow up with a grandmother in prison. Taylor left for her AA meeting.

Liam tried to talk to his ex-wife about Taylor. He said that he didn’t believe that Taylor was a bad person but that he also had an obligation to make sure that Kelly remained safe. Steffy took offense and said that her mother would never hurt Kelly, and that Taylor was seeking help. Steffy begged Liam to speak to Brooke and Hope so that they wouldn’t turn on Taylor. She said that it would be the end of her family if the secret got out.

Donna & Katie’s Interest Piqued

Brooke, Hope, Donna (Jennifer Gareis), and Katie (Heather Tom) discussed possible baby names. Soon it became evident that Brooke was particularly negative about Taylor. Donna and Katie tried to fish if there was some information about Taylor that they didn’t know. Hope stopped her mother from revealing the thttps://twitter.com/BandB_CBS/status/1072566186133594118ruth but Donna and Katie’s interest had already been piqued.

Reese Offered To Help Taylor

Dr. Lisa Burr (Caryn West) and Taylor met at the hospital. Taylor told her sponsor how close she had come to drinking the previous evening. They talk before Lisa had to leave to see a patient. Reese saw Taylor and joined her. He said that he wanted to help her because he saw that she was upset.

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